Book Launch For Creative Author of Fiction “The Typhoon” By Bill Mathews

Amazon Kindle has published many new books in 2013 and this is one that is sure to interest adventure lovers everywhere. The “Typhoon” delivers an exceptional online reading experience, tailor made for those seeking mystery and suspense.

Online PR News – 07-March-2013 – Scarborough/ON – Amazon Kindle has announced the debut of its new online book, the fictional thriller “The Typhoon” on January 26 2013. It is a book that truly brings out the conflicts and challenges that we as humans face everyday. Author Bill Mathews tells us that his passion for writing stems from a need to express his ideas for a good story in a form that will entertain and bless his readers. Besides his writing activities, his favorite pastimes include: reading, singing, stamp-collecting and gardening. He identifies with main character in this story in that he strongly believes that we should always be ready to put the interests of others ahead of our own and that we have a duty towards our fellow man. The idea to write this came from a book that he had read in his childhood. As with his story, this one was centered on a particularly destructive storm. But there were a couple of things that really made an impression on him; the courage of the protagonist in confronting those that tried to discourage him and the responsibility he felt to help others in their hour of need.
In his short story, the author re-creates a sense of what it must have been like to live in this period and survive a disaster as terrible as this one must have been. There’s something for everyone here – suspense, betrayal and even a hint of mystery. You will feel as if you've journeyed back to the 1870’s and are experiencing the events in the story first-hand. If you are one who likes to download books, put this at the top of your booklist.
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In the near future, look for more eBooks, as Bill’s next release is due this coming spring.