GreenTracks zoologists’ expertise provides an unmatched Amazon rainforest experience

GreenTracks zoologists’ 30 years of experience exploring and conducting research in the Amazon provides a unique insight into rainforest ecosystems.

Online PR News – 07-March-2013 – Bayfield, Colorado – Founded in 1992 by prominent tropical biologists, including William W. Lamar, who has done extensive research and publication in the fields of zoology and herpetology, GreenTracks offers the best in travel to the Amazon rainforest. GreenTracks’ extensive knowledge and experience with the various rivers and forest types allows them to customize each trip based on water levels and time of year to maximize wildlife viewing opportunities and not be locked into itineraries that never vary.

William W. Lamar, a graduate of Rhodes and the University of Texas, has spent 37 years living and working in the Amazon Basin. He has authored several dozen popular and technical articles and three books, including two top references on Amazonian fauna. Bill has been filmed by the BBC, Zebra, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., the History Channel, Wild Discovery, and National Geographic and regularly consults for all of these companies. He is fluent in Spanish and thoroughly at-home in the Peruvian Amazon.

GreenTracks zoologists’ continued involvement and oversight can’t be matched by standard travel industry companies. By traveling with these experts the guests’ experience is greatly enhanced and allows them to come away with a much more in-depth understanding of the Amazon and its diversity. This includes not only which plants and animals inhabit the rainforest, but how the interaction between them, and the people who live there, make this one of the most complex and exciting ecosystems on the planet.

GreenTracks seeks to celebrate all that is beautiful and fascinating in the Amazon, from flora and fauna to people, cultures, and food. They believe observing such things is both fun and educational, and that only through direct experience can the wider understanding necessary to protect this delicate wilderness be achieved.

GreenTracks expertise has also been used by both amateur and professional naturalists, and on documentaries shown by National Geographic, the British and Canadian Broadcasting Systems, Animal Planet, the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.

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