Pony Express Bank Is the Newest Local Financial Institution To Launch Kasasa™

Local Co-opetition Offers a Better Banking Experience

Online PR News – 14-May-2010 – – Kansas City, MO – Pony Express Bank recently announced the availability of Kasasa™, a new brand of free checking and savings accounts that are taking the nation by storm. Kasasa pays consumers to use their account with what interests them most—high interest, automatic savings, money donated to charity or free iTunes® downloads. Thousands of consumers around the country have already switched to Kasasa to have access to exciting banking products and the personal service available only at America’s finest community financial institutions.

Kasasa was also launched in Weston, Missouri by the Bank of Weston and is being met with great enthusiasm. The local “co-opetition” is bringing local financial institutions together to pool their resources to market Kasasa products and rival the mega banks as a team.

“We continue to see consumers overlooking one of the most fundamental accounts — their checking account. Kasasa is designed to awaken consumers to a better banking alternative, freeing them from the frustration of their mega bank experiences—the high fees and poor service,” said Scott Page, President and CEO at Pony Express Bank. “Now, there is absolutely no reason for consumers to sacrifice. They can get it all—great products and excellent customer service with no monthly fees and ATM fee refunds.”

Pony Express Bank is offering two of the new Kasasa banking products, Kasasa Cash™ and Kasasa Saver™. All Kasasa products are free accounts, with no minimum balance, no monthly fees, free online banking and nationwide ATM fee refunds.

• Kasasa Cash - A free checking account that pays high interest in cash every month.

• Kasasa Saver - A high interest saver account linked to a Kasasa Cash checking account. The high interest and ATM fee refunds earned in the Kasasa Cash account are automatically deposited into the Kasasa Saver account each month. The balance in the Kasasa Saver account also earns a high rate of interest.

To receive the Kasasa account benefits, accountholders need to meet easy monthly qualifications, including receiving an e-statement, accessing online banking, using a debit card and making an electronic transaction. If an accountholder does not meet the qualifications in a given month, Pony Express Bank will alert the individual, who will be eligible the following month for the benefits.

“Joining forces with the Bank of Weston here in Missouri is only going to benefit the consumer,” continued Page. “Collectively, we are using the innovations of Kasasa to wake consumers up to the benefits of community banks and credit unions, institutions that treat accountholders like people, not numbers.”

Kasasa is distributed to Pony Express Bank from BancVue, the leading provider of innovative products, dynamic marketing, and data-driven consulting solutions to community financial institutions nationwide to help them win the war against the mega banks.

For more information on Kasasa accounts, consumers can visit the branches of Pony Express Bank or visit https://www.kasasa.com/kasasa-providers.

Do you Kasasa?
Kasasa™ is the first national brand of the most innovative checking accounts available today. The accounts, offered exclusively by the finest community financial institutions, are designed to be the first and only accounts that actually take an interest in their accountholders by paying them to use their account with what interests them most-- high interest, automatic savings, money donated to charity or free iTunes® downloads. Kasasa, developed and distributed by BancVue, marries innovative banking products with the personal touch of community financial institutions. For more information, visit https://www.kasasa.com.

Dan Mahoney