Hit Search Named Second Best Search Engine Optimisation Company by topseos.co.uk for March 2013

The independent authority on Search vendors in the United Kingdom, topseos.co.uk, has named Hit Search the second best search engine optimisation company for March 2013.

Online PR News – 07-March-2013 – Naples, FL – The independent authority on Search vendors in the United Kingdom, topseos.co.uk, has released their list of the best search engine optimisation companies in the UK online marketing industry for the month of March 2013. Hit Search has earned the position as second best SEO company in the United Kingdom due to their performance in the evaluation process created by topseos.co.uk. Each of the online marketing companies included in the rankings are highlighted based on their achievements and their performance in the independent evaluations. Thousands of online marketing companies are considered for the rankings on a monthly basis while only the best SEO companies in the United Kingdom are included.

Hit Search has been providing search engine optimisation services in the United Kingdom since their start in 2007, focusing on a variety of internet marketing strategies which help businesses succeed in their online endeavors. They offer search engine optimisation, pay per click management, affiliate management, and other online marketing services to help their customers create a brand online and effectively market it through search engines and paid Search.

To produce the list of the best SEO companies, topseos.co.uk has involved the help of an independent research team which identifies and evaluates the best in the industry. The evaluation process for SEO companies delves into various aspects of search engine optimisation which are most important to the success of online business. Five areas of evaluation are used for the comparisons of online marketing companies providing SEO services including on page optimisation, off page optimisation, needs analysis, keyword analysis, and reporting methods. Hit Search was highlighted in the rankings as the second best SEO company due to their results in the evaluation process and their strengths and competitive advantages.

In addition to the evaluation process which topseos.co.uk uses to evaluate each SEO company, customer references are also used in order to obtain the unique feedback and opinions of those who have used each evaluated SEO company. topseos.co.uk connects with at least three customer references provided by the agencies in order to ask them several general and specific questions relating to search engine optimisation and to compare the results of the evaluation to the reports and information for each SEO company. The overall response to Hit Search was positive with a strong focus on long-term success and continuing new campaigns in order to achieve new results over time.

topseos.co.uk has completed an in-depth evaluation of Hit Search for their SEO services and believe that they will provide significant value to those looking for SEO services. As an SEO company, Hit Search understands how important SEO services are to the online marketing success of their clients. Those looking for a great service to supplement their online marketing or to improve the traffic to their website should consider Hit Search for their SEO needs.

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