MO Group Named Best Multilingual SEO Company by for March 2013

The independent authority on Search vendors,, has named MO Group the best multilingual SEO company for March 2013.

Online PR News – 07-March-2013 – Naples, FL – The independent authority on Search vendors,, has named MO Group the best multilingual SEO company for the month of March 2013. Each month multilingual SEO companies are put to the test by the independent research team. Thousands of companies are included in the evaluations while only the ten best companies offering international SEO services are included in the rankings.

MO Group International offers businesses the opportunity to reach a global audience by providing international search engine optimization services amongst other online marketing services focusing on providing to multiple markets. With years of experience in online marketing, website design, and international SEO, MO Group provides services in over forty different languages through native professionals and technical expertise in creating customer-centric solutions.

The process for evaluating and ranking the best multilingual SEO companies involves a multiple-step process honing in on identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantages through a research and analysis of each company’s offerings. This is achieved through the use of a set of evaluation criteria consisting of five areas of evaluation most commonly associated with successful international SEO services. The five areas which uses to benchmark and compare the top performing multilingual SEO services include on page optimization, off page optimization, diversity, accuracy, and regional engines.

A variety of resources for research and information are also utilized to ensure a more comprehensive service is being provided by each vendor. A company’s contributions to the online marketing industry, publications, and interaction with clients online serves as a source of information to researchers to better understand how each company conducts their business. Client references are utilized to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction is being achieved and to validate the claims made by each online marketing agency.

MO Group has achieved high marks in each of the five areas of evaluation and has provided with strong client references showcasing a dedication towards excellence. Clients of MO Group have been vocal about their ability to reach new markets and countries through effective international SEO services. Those looking for a partner to assist them in expanding their business or reaching new markets should consider MO Group.

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