New Website Launched To Help Overcome Pornographic Addiction
03/07/2013 offers free access to unlimited informative articles on how to overcome online porn addiction and how to deal with internet safety issues. It has already published a series of “how to” articles for people who wish to overcome porn addiction.

Online PR News – 07-March-2013 – Tampa, Florida – Tampa, Florida, February 08, 2013:, a new website that offers free resources for overcoming pornographic addiction has recently been launched. The new site aims to help porn addicts overcome the urge of watching pornography online. The website has already published a series of ‘how to’ articles, offering tips and guidelines on how to quite the habit of watching pornography.

Recent posts of the website include articles on a wide range of topics, such as, how to control sexual urges and thoughts in healthy ways, how to stop watching porn, how to properly use the internet to avoid porn, five ways to product your family on the internet, and top 5 books about overcoming porn addiction.

Each article published in the website covers a unique topic, mostly through statistics, debates and in-depth analysis. The purpose is to help readers gain an insight into to root cause of the problem, so that they can prevent or overcome a problem permanently. For example, the article, how viewing porn becomes an addiction, states, “Teens are the most susceptible group to becoming addicted to porn. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 are the biggest Internet users, and many of them have their own laptops and Internet-enabled devices. These factors add up to create a perfect storm of porn addiction. In addition, teens may have a harder time overcoming addictions due to the fact that their brains are still growing and adapting to outside forces.”

Here is how another article on offers tips to bachelors and spinsters, “If you’re single, avoid any kind of sexual interactions until you get to know a person. Establish a rule that, for example, you must go on three dates with someone before engaging in sex. Use this non-sexual time as an opportunity to get to know your dates as people and to focus on engaging in a friendly, platonic way with members of the opposite sex”

The new website also enables readers to comment on recent posts, ask questions, and seek advice on issues regarding porn addiction. Once a question is asked, it gets listed in the recent questions section of the website. Then they get experts to write new posts addressing concerns raised by readers. Posting a question in the website is an easy process. Readers just need to write the body and headline for the question, and then submit it in ‘ask a question’ section of the site. They get reply to a question fairly quickly. The website is also updated at frequent intervals.

About Aimed at increasing awareness about porn addiction and its harmful consequences, is a website that allows readers to access loads of information on the topic. Readers can use this website to get answers to any of their personal queries regarding porn addiction. The website also offers tips, advice, and guidelines to help those struggling to overcome online pornography addiction.