MP Diagnostics now offering MRI Miami scans with sedation for claustrophobic patients

MP Diagnostics now offering MRI Miami scans with sedation for claustrophobic patients

Online PR News – 08-March-2013 – Miami, FL – Medical Park Diagnostic Center, 4 March, 2013/ Press Release/- Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has revolutionized modern medicines since it was introduced in the 80s. It is a safe painless process, but often brings anxiety attacks to some claustrophobic patients. To address this problem, MP Diagnostics is now offering MRI scans with sedation for claustrophobic patients.

Dr. Christopher E. Woodhouse, M.D. of Medical Park Diagnostic Center said, “We understand how patients react to the scan procedure and this is the reason why we are now offering sedation especially for claustrophobic patients. The feeling of being enclosed in a somewhat tunnel structure can make them feel nervous thus affecting the scanning procedure that needs to be done. Distress can cause unfavorable effects on the result of the MRI scanning including disturbance in the quality and imaging. Remaining still for some time is very important to have a diagnostically acceptable examination. This is why we are now offering sedation most especially for claustrophobic patients. With mild dose of sedation, we can help our patients face the condition without any problem and we also obtain the best quality of results that will help us determine their health problem.”

Claustrophobia is a disorder that is manifested by excessive fear of an enclosed space. The condition can trigger emotional distress leading to mild anxiety to severe panic attacks manifested with sudden onset of parentheses, palpitations, depersonalization, nausea, chest pain, faintness, choking sensation, dyspnea, sweating, vertigo, trembling, , and fear of losing control or dying.

“Aside from sedation, we have improved high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems that are designed with patient in mind. These systems offer high image quality while giving the utmost comfort of our patients. Here at MRI Miami the MRI system we provide promotes a patient-friendly environment that gives diagnostic benefits to our patients.”

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