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Most companies struggle with the question “how do we achieve growth?” The answer rarely comes in time but Advance to the Top assists business owners with growing their business online and is currently offering a free keyword ranking and analysis for business owners.

Online PR News – 06-March-2013 – New Lenox, Illinois – Internet marketing sounds very technical and expensive. With analytics, conversions, optimization, and handfuls of other terms that mean everything to business owners; but most business owners couldn’t tell you what they mean, how they work or why they are important. Most likely a business owner has heard these terms while at a networking event or luncheon where they were advised to set up an analytics and webmaster account, connect them to their website and begin optimizing and converting visitors. They were told that by doing this, it would increase their online exposure and they would begin to see a boost in traffic along with increased leads and sales.

Sounds pretty straight forward and easy, but the truth of the matter is that around each corner lies several more definitions, terms and links to follow and learn more about in order to complete the first task of optimizing a website. President of Advance to the Top, Dan Patterson; shares his views on the complexities of internet marketing. “There are a lot of programs, software and apps that help us do our jobs and make us more efficient and effective. Nothing over the internet comes with instructions and every business is different. Internet marketing is just as much of an art form as it is a science.” Advance to the Top is offering a free keyword ranking report to business owners so that they may gauge current marketing efforts or make an educated and informed decision on whether internet marketing is a worthwhile pursuit.

Keywords are at the forefront of every marketing campaign. From choosing which category to be listed in the phone book to which product or service level keywords will resonate with an auditory audience like on the radio. “Keyword research is the most important part of internet marketing and it is quite often, through no fault of their own; what most business owners get wrong when trying to market themselves on the internet,” stated Patterson. “Businesses that are service based like roofers, plumbers and contractors often wonder why they can’t rank for terms like roofing, plumbing and contracting. They require more localized marketing and often need landing pages added to their website in order to give relevance to the keywords and linking structure.”

Internet marketing can take years to master with quite a bit of trial and error. Learning how to market on the internet can make most businesses a great deal of money and generate sales and leads they never would have gotten any other way. But while business owners are trying to learn to do it themselves, their competition has hired a professional internet marketing company and is already climbing the rankings and experiencing growth. Take full advantage of Advance to the Top’s free offer by calling directly at 815-462-3553 or visit their website and fill out the contact form.

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