Breakaway Basketball Training Shows Players How to Become Great Basketball Players

There is no way to see greatness before it happens, there just lies potential. Untapped, undeveloped and raw talent can be turned into something incredibly spectacular or left to fade away into the deep dark depths of regret and failure.

Online PR News – 08-March-2013 – Tinley Park, Illinois – Breakaway Basketball is a basketball training and skill development clinic that works with talented young players and teams to help identify strengths and weaknesses and provide an environment that focuses on improving skill sets to make a complete basketball player. Greg Ktistou, founder of Breakaway Basketball, has been helping to develop the skills of younger players as well as semi-pro and pro athletes. “I became a success because I was taught how to practice and what working hard truly meant.” stated Ktistou. “When all you do is play the game, you continue to do what you are good at and play it safe.” By taking players and teams out of their comfort zone and working on the aspects of the game that aren’t as fun or glamorous, a player can begin to grow professionally and start to realize their full potential. There is a lot of truth to his basketball training philosophy. After all, imagine the games where we have seen a great player make a bad play or pass and cost the team a game or even a championship. The NBA rarely sees bad plays like that. They are professionals and have spent countless hours on the court and in clinics practicing every aspect of the game they love. “This is how greatness is achieved; it is not given to anyone, stumbled upon by anyone, or even bought. It is hard work, determination and a willingness to step outside yourself to evaluate and adjust. This is what all great basketball players do,” Said Ktistou.

The Sportstation of Tinley Park and Breakaway Basketball have teamed up to spread the word about the importance of practice for all team sports. “There are life lessons to be learned during practice”, said Jim Garner, President of The SportStation. “Aside from weaknesses, players learn how to overcome failures, they learn conduct and behavior and even humility and grace in the face of defeat. Practice and play has completely different levels of enthusiasm, Coach Ktistou helps to bring the energy of game situations to practice and his professional record speaks for itself,” stated Garner. With several years as a professional basketball player that has seen action on basketball courts around the world and held up many trophies in victory; Coach Ktistou’s passion, knowledge and love for the game makes Breakaway Basketball a legitimate front runner to be a premier clinic for tomorrow’s basketball stars.

Breakaway Basketball will be running skill clinics from the Westmont Fitness Center at 424 Plaza Dr. in Westmont, Illinois from April to October for third through twelfth graders along with workouts for prop and semi-pro teams. If a team requires a more personal touch, Breakaway Basketball travels from the months of November thru March training teams at their facility. New classes and schedules have been added to their website along with training services.

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