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CustomTermPapers, the leading custom essays writing company launches new essay writing type- cause and effect essay writing.

Online PR News – 13-May-2010 – – Cause and effect essay is a type of essay that requires the writer to add some elements of professionalism instead of focusing on descriptive or narrative tone. CustomTermPapers, with their high level of commitment and professionalism, is now offering high quality cause and effect essays which ask for why something has happened and what happens as a result of that happening. The tone of cause and effect essays has to be more serious and the writer should try and make it more factual and believable.

Cause and effect essays, as the name suggests talk about the cause and its effect. It explains why something has happened and focuses on the relationship between events and the consequences that happened. Writing a cause and effect essay is not as simple as it seems to be at a first glance and requires a professional touch in the write-up. A well organized cause and effect essay should clearly identify the relationship between two subjects; have a clear thesis with enough statistics to support the argument or thesis. The purpose of writing cause and effect essays is to either analyze or inform and it is important to make sure that the events mentioned in the essay are placed chronologically. A writer should always use certain keywords to define ‘cause’ including because, due to, since and leads to.

Follow these steps while drafting cause and effect essays

* A writer must distinguish between a cause and its effect in the initial stages of essay writing. He needs to ask himself, ‘why it has happened’ and ‘what happened because of that’ in order to come to the right conclusion. Try and use the simplest approach while writing an essay because sometimes multiple causes lead to single effect or single cause results in multiple effects.
* Develop a thesis statement. In cause and effect essays it is important for a writer to state whether he is talking about cause, effect or both and after identifying this, the main idea in the introduction should use words like cause or effect.
* A writer must find and organize supportive details for the event mentioned in the introduction.
* After organizing the supportive information, cause and effect essay should include smooth transition between the details and the cause. Ideally, words like because, due to, since, another is, therefore enhance the value of cause and effect essays.

In cause and effect essays we have a reason for a certain event that leads to the effect as a result of the action. Every detail in cause and effect essays should go in chronological order; the most significant aspects of the event should be discussed first followed by less important happenings. If the purpose is to organize and discuss ideas, then cause and effect essay is the best method. A writer may open the essay with a study or research which caused such a result or he can also talk about an event and then go on to discuss about its consequences.
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