Illuminate Launches Solution To Convert SD To 2k Or 4K HD From Film Without EDL

Illuminate launched an improved version of iConform, a proven illuminate proprietary technology solution that takes programs that were originally shot on film and edited in SD (standard definition) and creates a 2K or 4K HD broadcast distribution master.

Online PR News – 06-March-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – For Les Ditter, illuminate Chief Technology Officer: “Clients send us all their original film assets pertaining to a program, and a standard-definition reference tape, and iConform begins to create a new master in 2K or 4K. Using our proprietary technology, we find the exact scenes and takes of the program. iConform uses image processing and image recognition to find the scenes from the original show inside the film. It goes through all the film rolls and finds 95% of the relevant scenes without human intervention. iConform can handle all film formats: 16mm, Super16, all 35mm (2, 3, 4 and 8 perf), and 65/70mm. We deliver to clients within a short time an HD, 4K or UHD edited master which matches their original master.”

According to Jim Hardy, illuminate’s CEO, “iConform, illuminate’s proprietary technology solution, is a revolutionary process. iConform gives content owners the opportunity to bring their valuable sleeping assets back to life, creating new revenue and bringing those assets up to current HD broadcast standards. It is far more efficient, cost-effective and reliable than eye matching.

The film libraries of the major feature film and television studios, independent producers and distributors are full of assets sitting idle that could be generating significant revenues. These films or TV series are not marketable because the existing broadcast masters do not meet current high-definition broadcast standards. Thousands of television series, MOWs (movies of the week) and direct-to-video films were shot on film and only exist for broadcast or distribution in standard-definition NTSC or PAL.

Unfortunately, those assets generally lack cut negative or edit decision lists (EDLs). Until recently, SD to HD from film without EDL was not possible. The only way to bring those assets to current broadcast standards was to re-conform the original film elements by having people watch every single frame. This process is known as eye matching. It requires going through hundreds or thousands of rolls of films, a slow, cumbersome and expensive proposition.”

About illuminate
illuminate Hollywood consists of two facilities in the same neighborhood:

Illuminate Post Production/Digital finishing on Cahuenga Boulevard West in Los Angeles.
• Digital intermediates – Film restoration
• Film coloring – Linear & non linear editing
• Color correction
• Digital Intermediates
• Visual effects
SD to HD 2K & 4K conforming from original film, without EDL.

Illuminate Studios, less than ½ mile away
• Three stages, fully equipped with HD multi-camera production
• Twitter and Skype connectivity for social TV.
• Kitchen set, news set, talk show set
• Green Rooms
• Red cameras available for rental

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