The Inside Track, a Trade Show Flooring Company, Adds EZ Down Plank Flooring to Their Product Line

The Inside Track, now offers EZ Down Planks, an innovative trade show flooring product that provides the look of real hardwood planks. EZ Down Planks are an affordable alternative to most other trade show wood flooring products.

Online PR News – 05-March-2013 – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA, GA- The Inside Track, Inc., an Atlanta- and Chicago-based national provider of carpeting, flooring and other trade show flooring products to the exhibit and event industry, has added innovative EZ Down plank flooring to its line of products for exhibit designers, said Tim Morvay, Vice President of Sales and Product Development.

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EZ Down Planks are an innovative trade show booth flooring product that provides the look of real hardwood planks, but is more durable, versatile and affordable than natural wood products, according to Morvay. The products are available in six popular wood and four stone styles for use in many design concepts.

“Backed with non-skid vulcanized rubber, the bendable 9.8" wide x 41.5" long x 1/8" thick planks can be cut with a utility knife to fit any space and create custom designs. “The planks have the look, durability and solid feel of hardwood at a fraction of the price,” he said. The product comes in lots of 12 planks, or 33.9 square feet per box. Each box weighs 55 pounds. “They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, tile, plywood, and raised flooring and they are high-heel proof.”

When EZ Down trade show wood flooring planks are used on top of The Inside Track’s Eco Pad, flat electrical cords can be channeled underneath, leaving a smooth and realistic surface, said Morvay. “Additionally, the planks offer an unparalleled anti-fatigue feature, which enhances show experience for both the exhibitors and attendees,” he added. EZ Down planks may be used on any concrete or low-pile carpeted surface, increasing versatility.

EZ Down offers many benefits over real hardwood flooring, said Morvay. “Real hardwood floors are heavy and expensive to ship, require specialized labor and power saws, which produce sawdust on the show floor.” In contrast with real wood, EZ Down planks are lightweight and flexible, he said. “General show floor labor can easily install them. The anti-fatigue feature eases pressure on installers’ knees, increasing productivity.” The lighter weight of this innovative product also will reduce shipping and drayage charges, Morvay said. No post-installation clean-up is necessary with EZ Down planks, he added. The planks may be cut to any custom design and are simple to reuse at a future show.

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