Data Quality And Deduplication Vendor Releases Database Explorer For Salesforce®, Cloudingo Studio™
5 March 2013
Symphonic Source, a leading provider of applications and services to cleanse duplicate data, today announced the availability of Cloudingo Studio, its new database explorer app for data mining and discovery. Cloudingo Studio is a Windows-based database query tool for the® cloud platform. With Cloudingo Studio, developers can analyze database schema, examine standard and custom fields and objects, and can create SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) queries. In addition to its core use for database exploration, Cloudingo Studio includes SOQL+, an extension of SOQL that functions more like SQL. Cloudingo Studio makes query building easy. Queries are built automatically and can be changed on-the-fly with a few simple selections. Results can be exported into CSV, HTML, or text with the click of a button. Field values can even be edited directly from the Cloudingo Studio grid and updated in the database. Cloudingo Studio’s enhancement of SOQL called SOQL+ enables developers to create faster, more powerful, advanced queries of Salesforce data. SOQL+ uses IntelliSense to display available objects and functions for fast and easy query building. Salesforce users can run SQL-like queries for data management, and Cloudingo Studio translates them into API calls for fast inserts, updates, or deletions. Queries can even be saved and reopened. "At Symphonic Source, we’re really just a group of developers looking for better and easier ways of doing things," said Lars Nielsen, CEO of Symphonic Source and Product Manager for Cloudingo Studio. "Cloudingo Studio grew out of a need to discover what was hidden in our databases, and frustration at not having the right tools to get that information. In addition, we strongly believe in making it easier for developers from different backgrounds to quickly get off the ground with the® cloud platform." Cloudingo Studio was created specifically for managing Salesforce data. Cloudingo Studio is offered free of charge by Symphonic Source, and can be downloaded at: