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Online PR News – 23-July-2009 – – Online Gaming Industry Blog Post691.COM Awards 888 with a Chippie Lifetime Achievement Award.

"Our team of Online gambling industry insiders has been involved in the online gambling industry since it's inception in 1993 with We've seen the boat rocked back, and fourth, and have seen the Online Gambling Industry evolve into what it is today" Says Mark Sheridan CEO of

"888 Has proven time and time again their industry dominance, but that is not the main reason we decided to give them this coveted award. We feel that Online Gambling, while offers the general public a great time all in the convenience of their home, also has become a very convenient place for online gambling addicts. It's the inroads that 888 made this year to find and deal with gambling addicts on their network of sites, which has proven to us that the company is not like so many others in our industry, and that there IS such as thing as an ETHICAL Online gaming operation. We take our hats off to these people and what they do."

The coveted "Online Casino Promoter of the Year" award was given to an anonymous promoter who answers to the nickname SharePro.

The event was held at the legendary Tunnel Club in Gibraltar, the Online Gaming, and offshore banking capital of the world, and as usual lasted until the wee hours of the morning. "Although not as raunchy as the adult industry festival in Cannes each year, we do hold our own, and as a rule "what happens at the Chippies stays at the Chipppies"

About Post691: Post691 is the Online Gambling Industry's editorial of choice for 5 years in a row. The Award winning editorial features daily news coverage on the goings on in the Internet Gambling and Gaming arena. Categories covered are: sports betting, Bingo, Scratch Cards, Poker, Roulette, Online Casino Affiliates, Forex and the ever popular Fraudies Section, where Casino Scammers and their methods are outed to the general public.

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