Lick Library Offers Steve Vai Guitar Guides

Introducing the Steve Guitar DVDs, pushing new musicians to further their music skills.

Online PR News – 23-July-2009 – – Experienced guitarists will always have that fond memory of lugging their newly bought guitar back home, eagerly waiting to begin playing only to find that they haven't got a clue how to play it! This is where they desperately research quality and affordable Guitar Lessons, where better to learn than from one of the best guitarists in the world – none other than Steve Vai! Lick Library is one of the top suppliers of Guitar Tuition DVDs, downloadable guitar videos and backing tracks, offering guitar tutorial guides – Steve Vai style!

Lick Library have been the leading music resource site since the early nineties and is the brainchild of fellow musicians Kim Waller and Stuart Bull. The massive range of online guitar lessons and videos give new musicians the opportunity to play like their guitar idols, such as Steve Vai. The tutorial guide 'Learn To Play Steve Vai DVDs' come in a series of three volumes, amounting to nine hours of tuition time. The lessons include learning the secrets to Vai's playing techniques in a comprehensible video format.

Anyone with a strong passion for music will have heard of Steve Vai as being one of the most accomplished guitarists in the world. It is very rare to see a guitarist continue to push the barriers of guitar playing and constantly experimenting with what can be played on the guitar. The aim of the new Lick Library DVD is to inspire guitarists of intermediate and advanced level to further their guitar playing by picking up on more complex techniques.
As the DVD is available in three volumes, each of the lessons will reveal many of Vai's techniques, including the effects used for playing some of his greatest tracks.

Lick Library tutors Danny Gill, Guthrie Govan and Dave Kilminster present volume 1 for a two hour guitar workshop that features some in-depth tutorials on some classics that have been known to influence Vai's playing, such as, Dave Lee Roth's 'Eat Em And Smile' album. Tutors will be explaining each song, note-for-note and will help the learner to understand how to play the song by taking it a step at a time. This will help the learner to build up on their confidence to play the entire song.

Volume 2 is presented by Guthrie Govan and Dave Kilminster, with each song focussing on the fingering technique, especially on fret board pyrotechnics (which will keep one's fingers moving like they've never moved before). Featured tracks include Tender Surrender, For The Love Of God, Attitude Song and Shy Boy.

Volume 3, presented by Andy James and Jamie Humphries, include the tracks Juice, The Boy From Seattle, The Animal, Die To Live and Boston Rain Melody. All of which are section giving detailed instructions on each individual part and helping to build up on the learners own tempo.
Lick Library's co-founder Kim Waller comments "The Ultimate Tutorial Guide DVDs are aimed at pushing guitarists into adopting different techniques. Our Steve Vai tutorials do just that, allowing young and experienced musicians to push their own levels in guitar playing, and inspire them to find new ways of playing."

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