International Career Institute Launches: State of the Art Online Distance Learning Programs in Various Lucrative Fields

Developed by professionals in online education-- the ICI online distance learning program promises to equip students with the knowledge required to face the challenging demands of the marketplace in various fields considered "hot "in today's business world. This is aimed at boosting education in competitive fields and providing opportunities for busy adults looking to start up new careers or improve their skills at existing professions.

Online PR News – 13-May-2010 – – Sydney, May 13, 2010- International Career Institute or ICI launches online distance learning courses in a variety of fields considered "hot" in today's competitive market,
such as Business Management, Event Management, and Floristry. With the aid of a faculty of professional e-learning experts, the ICI successfully developed an international online program of over 100 exciting career and lifestyle boosting courses to a wide variety of international students and businesses worldwide.

The online distance learning education courses at ICI will help candidates get acquainted with the fields of their choice in various fast growing markets. The challenges of the ICI online distance learning programs are immense. They prepare students to face the daily requirements and assignments of competitive markets which are undergoing continuous changes and innovations especially during the current global economic crisis. Students of ICI distance learning courses learn from the feedback and the expertise of various qualified experts which can help them improve their chances to secure actual positions in the market in various sectors and fields upon graduation.

The big advantages of the ICI's online distance learning programs are its professionalism and accreditation. The ICI online distance learning education is accredited by the International Association of Private Career Colleges and was certified to meet the international standard benchmarks in areas of course delivery, course-content, administration, tutorial facilities, and in student assessment. The ICI online distance learning education programs are delivered by qualified professionals at their expertise fields from a variety of educational and practical backgrounds. As well, these carefully crafted programs are developed in cooperation with Government education agencies and expert industry professionals. The ICI online distance learning institute, which targets at imparting “real skills for the real world" is a practical and affordable choice for busy adults looking to make change in their careers or boost their current professionalism in their working careers. Thus, the ICI online distance learning programs allow students to realize their dreams without overpaying in terms of money and time.

The online distance learning programs cover popular courses such as Business Management, Retail Management, Frontline Management, E- Business, Import and Export, Human Resources, Marketing, Advertising, Sports Management, Hospitality Management, Tourism to less conventional courses such as Counseling and Psychology, Book Keeping, Event Management, Jewelry Design, Wedding Planning, Floristry and Landscaping.
The carefully crafted online distance learning programs of ICI put students at the forefront of online learning in various up-to-date popular courses. The education is a quality one and allowing student to "kill to birds with one stone": first to get excellent qualification and accreditation needed to start up a new career or boost an existing one, and second, to save much money and time, usually wasted in face to face lengthy educational programs.

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