NW Surrogacy Center Helps Gay Couples Create Families

A small and dedicated staff with over 35 years experience leads surrogates and intending parents through rewarding experiences

Online PR News – 02-March-2013 – Portland, OR – NW Surrogacy Center, a leading surrogacy specialist, is helping couples unable to bear children, fulfill their dreams. The center also facilitates willing surrogate mothers for gay men to create path to parenthood.

Contrary to what many people think, gay couples have proved to be grateful clients to professional child bearers. They meet the intense demands of a surrogate mother for emotional communication even though the relationships can be demanding.

There was a time when it was challenging to find surrogates to carry babies for gay men. Today the scenario has transformed radically.

For facilitating parenthood, many surrogate mothers for gay men seem to be happier compared to dealing with married men and women who are childless.

“Straight couples exhibit a sense of hopelessness and failure. Moreover, working with women can lead to resentment and jealousies”, says a surrogate in Portland. “That is why we are more drawn to men”.

Yet, some conditions do apply for women who volunteer to facilitate parenthood or fatherhood for gays. Most agencies stipulate that surrogates must already have children of their own and they must undergo medical and psychological screening along with their husbands.

In this regard, the NW Surrogacy Center seems to be well-positioned. The center has a team of professionals who have spent 18 years leading surrogates and intending parents though the knotty medical and legal issues surrounding surrogacy.

The Director, Sandra Hodgson is a licensed law practitioner with areas of practice covering surrogacy, egg donation and adoption. In addition, she is the primary contact person and directs the overall surrogacy program.

Other members of the staff, though small in number, are dedicated and are single-minded in knowing each and every one of their clients.

Founded in 1994, the NW Surrogacy Center can rightfully boast of being the most successful center in the Pacific Northwest.

Intending surrogate mothers for gay men and childless couples, desirous of creating families, can contact NW Surrogacy Center at:

2722 NE 33rd Ave
Portland, OR 97212
Ph: (503) 233-2818

Press Release Source : http://www.prhwy.com/news/120990-nw-surrogacy-center-helps-gay-couples-create-families.html