2010 World Cup Social Media Marketing Strategies: Sponsors Indicate Big Plans

World Cup 2010 sponsors indicate devoting significant resources to a Social Media marketing strategy and social networking marketing tactics.

Online PR News – 13-May-2010 – – The World Cup 2010 FIFA event is a month from opening day but sponsors have been busy for some time laying the ground work for a focused Social Media marketing strategy to leverage their involvement. Strategies that will include targeted and highly creative Twitter and Facebook social networking marketing techniques. Social networking tactics intended to connect with World Cup fans on global and regional levels.

Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing will be monitoring these developments while helping small and medium businesses leverage the popularity of the World Cup to achieve results.

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FIFA partner Visa recently introduced their World Cup Facebook Match Planner marketing strategy and indications are that other participants will be making similar announcements soon. According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir the fact that companies directly or indirectly involved in the event will be aggressively pursuing Social Media shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Mr. Moir points out that Football (a.k.a Soccer in North America) is the number one participatory sport in approximately 75% of the world and the FIFA World Cup has historically been the most widely viewed global sporting event adding-

"It's significant to keep in mind that this will be the first World Cup since the explosive growth of Facebook and Twitter. So the timing is great and the creative applications are countless."

Based on these facts Irbtrax has been studying the development of Social Media strategies involving the World Cup and recording their growth. In late April Irbtrax noted the development of several 2010 World Cup Facebook and Twitter sites that had no direct ties to the sponsors of the events but immediately gained significant followings. Which appears representative of the marketing potential of this global event. According to research the below privately created World Cup 2010 Facebook account is currently the largest and growing daily:


Among the other World Cup Social Media developments that Irbtrax will be following relate to the events actual sponsors. The list of partners and sponsors include Adidas, Coca Cola, Emirates Airlines, Hyundai, Sony, Visa, Budweiser, Castrol, McDonalds, Yingli Solar, MTN Mobile, Seara Foods, Mahindra Satyam IT Services and others. Questions such as who, what and how will be part of this ongoing study. And Irbtrax believes their over all success or lack of results will amplify the Social Media marketing spotlight.

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