DocKIT for SharePoint 2010 Beta released

Our flagship SharePoint migration solution, DocKIT is out with a beta version for SharePoint 2010.

Online PR News – 16-May-2010 – – DocKIT for SharePoint 2010 offers fully supports SharePoint 2010 environment with the following additional new features.

1. Support to Business Continuity Services: Business Continuity Services (BCS) is an extension to the Business Data Catalog provision of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to integrate external data to the portal. BCS with out-of-the box features, services and tools allows deep integration of external data both online and offline. BCS is all about connectivity and is all set to provide connectivity support to external databases and other data sources. DocKIT with its extended support to BCS would allow users to leverage on the external data source.

2. Support to Managed Metadata type: Managed metadata type is about having a centralized collection of pre-defined metadata and managing them independently from SharePoint columns. Metadata values are assigned by referring to the centralized metadata ‘repository ‘. DocKIT helps users assign metadata to the corresponding documents through a metadata file by retrieving the specific metadata value from the term set corresponding to the Managed metadata column.

3. Supports Document Sets: Document Sets are special containers allowing users to treat a document collection as a single entity. It is yet another ‘Folder Content Type’. DocKIT allows users to migrate documents from specific file locations and get them grouped as a document set. Assigning metadata to the document set could be easily done through an external metadata file.

4. Support to Asset Library and other SharePoint built-in columns such as Ratings: DocKIT extends its support to Asset library, a powerful content management feature in SharePoint 2010 allowing the users to share rich media assets without necessarily reproducing them. New SharePoint Built-In columns like Ratings column are also supported by DocKIT. Like the other SharePoint columns, ratings for documents can be updated using an external metadata file.