BNoticed Announces Top 10 Promotional Products for Gay Pride Events

BNoticed Encourages Companies and Individual to Show Their Support for the Gay Community

Online PR News – 12-May-2010 – – San Diego, CA – BNoticed, a full service promotional products distributor of logo products and customized apparel, announced the Top 10 Promotional Products to Show Support for Gay Pride.

Beginning this month, many cities begin celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender (LGBT) Pride, more commonly known as Gay Pride. The pride celebrations commemorate the Stonewall Riots that took place on June 28, 1969 in Greenwich Village in New York City. Stonewall is often viewed as the start of the gay rights movement in the United States. The celebrations, which often include parades, festivals and concerts, attract a wide range of participants within and beyond the gay community. In many larger cities, events attract well in excess of 100,000 participants.

“LGBT Pride is an opportunity to embrace the diversity of the community that we live and work in,” says Gregg Taft, owner of BNoticed. “The LGBT community is an integral and important part of the past, present and future of every community in this country. Gay Pride brings gay and straight people together to celebrate the contributions of the LGBT community, to embrace our differences and look ahead to a future free from all types of discrimination and prejudice. It’s also an ideal time for companies, organizations, family and friends to show their support for the gay community. “

The Top 10 Promotional Products to show support for LGBT Pride are:

1. Rainbow Flags

Rainbow Flags are the universal symbol of gay pride. Business and individuals can show support of gay pride by displaying a rainbow flag outside home or business. Spectators at Pride Parades can show their support by waiving small rainbow flags or rainbow bandanas.

2. Pride Decorated Apparel

Apparel items including T-shirts and Caps featuring gay pride related designs are consistently popular items at Pride events. In addition to designs featuring the traditional rainbow or pink triangle themes, interested parties can contact local LGBT Pride event organizers to find out themes planned for local activities and pursue a design in support of that theme.

3. Rainbow & Pride Message Necklaces & Beads

Rainbow and Pride Message necklaces are popular because they can serve dual purpose for many recipients since they can be worn as a routine indication of their support for the gay community as well as part of a more outspoken ensemble in celebration of pride events. There are a wide range of necklace options available from rainbow light-up necklaces that are perfect giveaways for night time events to rainbow ribbons necklaces and dog tags.

4. Rainbow & Pride Message Wrist Bands

Silicone wrist bands, also known as Awareness Bands, are available in solid rainbow colors as well as multi-color designs. These wrist bands can be embossed with a message to commemorate the event and a logo to show sponsorship. Alternatives to the silicone wrist bands include rubber, neoprene and cotton knit wrist bands.

5. Rainbow Beach Balls

Beach Balls are appearing more and more frequently at large gatherings like concerts and other performances since they allow crowd to engage and interact. The concept carries over to Pride events with Rainbow Beach Balls customized with a supportive message or logo.

6. Pride Decorated Water Bottles & Travel Mugs

Reusable Water Bottles and Travel Mugs featuring rainbow color designs or pride message designs are ideal products to show support for gay pride in an environmentally friendly way. Many bottles feature a near 360 degree imprint area that can accommodate eye catching designs and messages.

7. Rainbow Antenna Balls

Rainbow antenna balls are great giveaway item for parade participants and sponsors since they encourage recipients to show their support for gay pride on their way home from the event simply by placing the ball on their antenna. With many Pride Parades attracting thousands of spectators, it’s a great way to get visibility for LGBT Pride!

8. Rainbow Pens

There are a variety of eye-catching pens suitable for Gay Pride including Rainbow Light-up Pens and character pens with rainbow colored hair!

9. Rainbow Glitter Sunscreen

All that glitters may not be gold, it might just be Gay Pride supporters wearing Rainbow Glitter Sun Screen. Recipients not only will sparkle but they’ll get the benefits of SPF 10 or 30 sun protection as well. There’s even Black Light Glitter Gel to sparkle under the stars.

10. Light Up Party Items

From Rainbow Light-up Necklaces to Light-up Barware, there is a wide variety of light up items available for memorable night time and indoor Pride events.

Contact your local LGBT Pride organization for more information on time, location and themes of local Pride events. For more information about BNoticed or about any of these promotional products, visit

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