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Online bingo has erupted in recent years and there are now over 250 operators on-line. A new service to help prospective players identify which operator is best for them has recently been launched with huge success…

Online PR News – 13-May-2010 – – Limassol, ( Onlineprnews ) May 12, 2010 - Online bingo has erupted in recent years and there are now over 250 providers on the Internet... most good and some bad. Here we have seen a revolutionary shift in market trend where big names brands like Gala Bingo, William Hill and Ladbrokes are being outperformed by new pure online names in gaming such as PartyGaming, 888 and Foxy Bingo. Many of us have started hearing about these brands on TV ads and some of us simply haven’t heard of the pure play online brands at all, but all of this leaves a doubt in peoples mind as to who is best to play with. A lot of new players therefore either take a risk with the operator they go with and play on the first site they come across or go for established offline brands, which doesn’t necessarily lead to the best operator for that specific player. Others however do some research on the Internet for recommendations on which operators are best and why, which is where Fantasy Bingo UK ( fills the gap. The new site launched March 2010 and addresses this issue by reviewing most of the major brands online, giving readers unbiased ratings, reviews and comparisons of only the most reputable providers. Shifty providers or operators without presence simply will not find their way on to the website leaving only safe options for those wishing to play online.

This new site consists of several major sections including an editor’s top ten bingo list (, an interactive comparison table of recommended operators, a list of all the sites that offer bingo that is free to play ( and details of the sign up bonuses available through the site itself. There is also a complete guide that covers how the game works online, the different payment options (including using Paypal), playing tips, the operator networks, an explanation of the bonuses plus a lot more. There is also an 'Other Games' section detailing the most popular mini-games available, which includes reviews of Deal or No Deal, Goldenballs, Snap and Monopoly Snap, as well as Backgammon. A lot of these mini-games are TV ports of game shows, conversions of board games and variations of more traditional games. In a nutshell the new Fantasy Bingo UK portal gives users an understanding of which bingo operator is best, based on what is important to them. Since launching, the site has been a hit and has become extremely popular with new players, helping them get started.

The Fantasy Bingo UK team have also started sending out email newsletters containing news about what is going on in the industry and also details of the current offers. To register for emails you can simply sign up on the website. The team have said that they will soon be launching more social networking capabilities with a community forum where players or those looking to play can share their opinions and experiences. They will also give users the opportunity to submit their preferences when they sign up so if a user opts-in for newsletters, they will only receive information in these newsletters that is of interest to them.

The website itself is not a unique concept with many other similar portals out there, however the Fantasy Bingo UK team seem to have done things slightly differently from the rest. I think the main difference is that their reviews are completely unbiased and they have removed the gimmicky promotional factor that is found with many similar sites. The portal has become a trusted and reliable source of information for the online bingo world. If you are interested in find the right bingo provider then this site is definitely worth looking at.