Plastic Bag Manufacturer Rainbow Polybag Co., Inc. Introduces Detachable Coupon Bags

Rainbow Polybag is excited to introduce a new line of promotional bags: detachable coupon bags. These custom plastic bags allow companies to seal a sample product in the bag and provide a detachable coupon for the product.

Online PR News – 26-February-2013 – Brooklyn, New York – Plastic bag manufacturer Rainbow Polybag Co., Inc. is excited to introduce a new line of Custom plastic bags: Detachable Coupon Bags. Two key features make these the ideal custom plastic bags to promote new products. First, detachable coupon bags are designed with heat-sealed pouches meant to safely hold product samples. Second, at the bottom of these custom plastic bags, a coupon for the manufacturer’s desired amount is printed with a perforated edge to allow for easy consumer removal and use.

According to Marketing Week, customers who receive a free sample are 91% more likely to purchase the product. In addition, 78.3% of US consumers used coupons in some way as of 2010. Thus, combining these two effective tools creates one powerful promotional vehicle.

When to Use Detachable Coupon Bags

Detachable coupon bags are perfect for new product introductions, as a free sample will allow them to try the new product and the coupon will entice them to switch brands when making their next purchase decision. When introducing a new product, use detachable coupon bags for giveaways at retailers or for promotional mailings.

Additionally, using a giveaway with these custom plastic bags is a great way to promote changes in packaging. Plastic bag manufacturer Rainbow Polybag supports the full color printing process, allowing customers to highlight the fact that this is the same great product with a fresh, new look. Samples serve as proof to assure consumers that it is indeed the same product and coupons increase the likelihood that they give the new packaging a try.

Finally, detachable coupon bags are optimal for trade show giveaways. These custom plastic bags allow trade show attendees to easily carry giveaways and samples. The addition of a detachable coupon will set companies apart from others at the show and increase the possibility that attendees will make a purchase after the show.
Whether they are for new products or trade show giveaways, detachable coupon bags take free samples to the next promotional level and increase the changes that consumers will make a purchase. To learn more about detachable coupon bags, click here:

About Rainbow Polybag Co., Inc.:
Rainbow Polybag is a family owned and operated plastic bag manufacturer. The company has over thirty-five years in the flexible packaging industry, leading them to adopt their three proven tenants: broad selection, customer service and environmentally friendly practices. First, they offer a wide selection of stock and custom plastic bags, as well as endless customizable options. Next, they hold customer service and fast turnaround to the utmost priority. Finally, not only does Rainbow Polybag offer eco-friendly plastic bags made out of biodegradable materials, they use environmentally friendly processes and recycle wherever possible. For more information on Rainbow Polybag Co., Inc., click here:

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