Executive Coaching International Introduces New Development Process

Self-Guided, Coach Supported Development Programs Assist Organizations in the Recapture of Lost Productivity

Online PR News – 23-July-2009 – – MYRTLE BEACH, SC -- In the continued interest of assisting business organizations of all magnitudes with the process of effectively managing the current economic recession, Executive Coaching International is pleased to announce the introductory launch of two new self-guided, coach supported development programs. Executive Coaching International's new program concept affords organizations and individuals with an unparalleled developmental learning modality which provides an immediate short term focus, while yielding potentially long term sustainable results.

These programs specifically target individual performance enhancement and increased productivity protocols. The new programs directly focus on the employee becoming more empowered, more efficient, more effective and more productive in just a 30 day period. Within the one month program window, the "A Priority Business Life" and "A Priority Life" programs build on four key concepts and implementation methodologies which are supported by weekly one-on-one coaching sessions. Each of the learning modules are day specific and provide the participant with a clear and concise model which is virtually fail-safe to adhere to and then implement.

"Our mission and priority at this juncture," says Thomas H. Swank, President of Executive Coaching International, "is to address the critical need of every organization to do more, with less -- through the process of recapturing net productivity losses, consisting of employee time waste and ineffectiveness. This manner of productivity loss is significant in both scope and cost, and has already been expensed through employee wages and benefits. By introducing an affordable entry level coaching process which can provide an immediate return on investment and concurrently recapture value through performance improvement and increased productivity -- business organizations will be enabled to take a foundational step forward in dealing with the current economic crisis, while preparing for their future growth and the opportunities that await them."

Aside from these new program offerings, Executive Coaching International will continue to provide highly effective executive coaching, small business coaching, strategic business planning and professional development program services. Executive Coaching International assists organizations and their people with the process of developing forward, while enhancing both their professional and personal value.

About Executive Coaching International

Executive Coaching International is committed to assisting corporate executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and their respective organizational staffing with the process of establishing, executing and accomplishing of the specific plans, goals and priorities that will grow their organization to the next level of desired achievement. The programs and services rendered by both Executive Coaching International and its Developing Forward brand, empower individuals to utilize their talents, abilities and available resources more often, more effectively and more successfully -- while helping them to move beyond ordinary good work, and into a realm of new achievement that will prepare them to perform the great work for which they are already capable. Additional information can be obtained at www.APriorityLife.com

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