Company Addresses Close Combat Training Scam Complaints

Close Combat Company, a self defense and martial arts training company, has recently made some changes to its business model to address concerns from customers. Their #1 priority is to listen to customers and provide a positive experience.

Online PR News – 11-May-2010 – – AURORA, CO -- self defense and martial arts training company, Close Combat Company, has recently made some changes to the business in response to listening to customer's concerns. The company has completely stopped offering trial and attached memberships into their monthly vitamin memberships with their training DVD sales.

The recent changes have greatly reduced confusion and have increased satisfaction among new customers as they no longer feel compelled to join something they did not expect.

"Our top priority is to listen to our customers and create the best experience for everyone. Our goal is to provide customers with information on how to protect their family in the case of a dangerous situation," said Chris Pizzo, Owner of Close Combat Company.

Prior to the changes, customers that ordered the Close Combat Training would receive a free bottle of nutritional supplements. After thirty days, if the customer did not choose to discontinue, the trial would roll over into a monthly membership. Customers were able to opt-out of this free trial offer when purchasing the self defense training program.

The company made every effort through notices on the site and in emails to the customers to make them aware of the trial. While many customers were pleased with the supplements they received, some customers did not understand or notice the trial offer. In order to avoid this confusion all together, Close Combat Company has stopped offering the free trial supplements.

"We would rather no longer offer the free trial than have unhappy customers who then choose to miss out on being able to protect their families through our training. The customer's life and family is more important to us than that," explains Chris Pizzo.

Chris Pizzo is an expert in martial arts and self defense. Pizzo had a close encounter with death in 1997 as he and his wife were attacked and nearly stabbed to death before a police cruiser pulled up and saved their life. After the feeling of nearly having to watch a loved one die, he spent years studying several different forms of martial arts in countries around the world. It was not until he discovered close combat fighting in the UK that he had found what he was looking for -- an effective self defense method.

Pizzo developed the Close Combat Company to help men and women all over the country learn self defense methods through close combat training.

About Close Combat Company:
The Close Combat Company, LLC. is the world leader in self defense training, health, well-being and the adventure lifestyle. Their goal through their training is to educate everyone on the truth about martial arts and self defense and to provide the information they need to defend their family and freedom. The company is also owners of the Close Combat Nutrition, Adventure Outpost, Fitness and Professionals brands.

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