Australians Can Get Their Free Quick Start Guide To The Paleo Diet
26 February 2013

The paleo diet popularity has sky-rocketed in Australia and to meet demand offers a free quick start guide for curious Aussies.

Online PR News – 26-February-2013 – Sydney, NSW – Australian dieters and athletes search for ways to lose weight or get better nutrition from the foods they eat. New Year's resolutions bring out the best intentions for dieting and exercise, but most resolutions fail within a few days.

Increasingly, the Paleo Diet has become the diet of choice among dieters, athletes and nutrition consultants throughout the world and especially in Australia.

The Paleo Diet website, at now offers free downloads of its popular Quick Start Guide to help people who are unfamiliar with the diet begin to eat healthier foods.

A Simple Idea that Ecology-Minded Australians Endorse

The Palaeolithic or caveman's diet suggests a simple premise for healthier eating—supporters try to eat only those foods that their stone-age ancestors might have consumed. The diet promotes organic vegetables, grass-fed meats, fish, shellfish, eggs, fruits, and tree nuts. People who follow the diet avoid processed foods, refined sugar, cereal grains and dairy products. The rationale for the diet includes scientific research and anecdotal evidence.

Doctors, scientists and nutritionists have long recommended eating lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs while lowering intake of carbohydrates, sugar, salt and processed foods that contain chemicals and preservatives.

History shows that primitive people lived healthier lives that were free of most modern sedentary afflictions.

- Palaeolithic man seldom suffered from diabetes, heart disease, cancer or obesity.
- Athletes endorse the Paleo Diet because macronutrients fit their training nutritional profiles.
- The formula works because people can choose to eat what they want within reason, and they don't need to buy special foods.
- The international CrossFit movement has endorsed the diet for members.

Paleo Diet History Has Roots in Solid Science

Paleo regimens cause the body to get purge toxic chemicals and preservatives so that metabolism becomes more efficient. Hunter-gatherers only ate the foods they could hunt, fish or find. Processing and storage were unknown. Gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin first postulated the concept, but Dr. Loren Cordain popularised the diet by writing extensively on the subject in recent years.

Health advocates appreciate that the diet lowers risks for autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular conditions and osteoporosis. Dieters can choose to adopt the diet exclusively or just cut their intakes of proscribed foods, so many previously unsuccessful dieters get benefits even if they don't follow the program strictly.

Curious Australians can find more information on the Paleolithic Diet website. The concept and diet program resonate well with Aussie athletes, dieters who chafe under food restrictions and people who support natural alternatives to processed foods.

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