Louisiana School Board Announces National Pilot of Character Development Curriculum

“Quest of the Keys” by author and leadership consultant Scotty Sanders, is set to be the national pilot curriculum in Ouachita Parish middle schools beginning April 2013. “Quest of the Keys” is a fantasy fiction novel teaching personal character and life skills.

Online PR News – 26-February-2013 – MONROE, LA – “Quest of the Keys” by author and leadership consultant Scotty Sanders, is set to be the national pilot as an English language arts curriculum in the Ouachita Parish middle schools beginning April 2013. Sanders, Ouachita School Board superintendent, Bob Webber and Flywheel 360 marketing representative, Ryan Mantzel were the spokespersons at a recent press conference in Monroe, Louisiana to make this announcement before media, educators and elected officials.

“Quest of the Keys” is a young adult fantasy fiction novel written by Sanders to teach young adults the importance of developing personal character and life skills. It has been well received by young readers, parents and educators alike. Ouachita School Board superintendent Dr. Bob Webber states, “I believe ‘Quest of the Keys’ could change our learning environment because student interest will occur. It meets the challenge of teaching character education in public schools in a manner that will resonate well with our students because of the adventure fiction format.”

Quest of the Keys

“’Quest of the Keys’ was birthed from a passion to encourage the next generation to learn and live well,” states Sanders, a Louisiana native. “Over the past twenty-five years I have travelled in the U.S., Canada, Central America, Europe, China and India training thousands of people on how they could better lead themselves. ‘Quest of the Keys’ is a fantasy fiction adventure that teaches self-development for students.”

The Quest of the Keys curriculum includes the “Quest of the Keys” book by Sanders, along with a Teachers Edition which provides additional guidance for building background and relating to prior knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension, and written expressions and response. Quest of the Keys easily correlates to Common Core State Standards, and enables students to deal with real and present issues, including bullying, responsibility, preparation, and critical thinking. Sanders recently teamed up with marketing company Flywheel360 with the goal of placing “Quest of the Keys” in the hands of every student in America. The national pilot in Ouachita Parish is the first step towards this goal. Sanders hopes to see the curriculum used state-wide in Louisiana and has set a tentative meeting with the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in April to discuss the possibilities for implementation. Schools in Texas, Arkansas, Indiana and Kentucky have also expressed commitment to implementing the Quest of the Keys curriculum.

Louisiana State Representative Frank Hoffmann, who was in attendance at the recent press conference stated, “I believe it is a positive thing for students in Ouachita Parish; and, hopefully soon, students throughout the state and throughout the nation will have the same opportunity to participate in the Quest of the Keys curriculum.”

To learn more about “Quest of the Keys,” go to QuestoftheKeys.com or visit the Facebook page at Facebook.com/questofthekeys.

About "Quest of the Keys":

“Quest of the Keys” is a story about the journey of Decklen, a young man who left home in disgrace only to narrowly escape slavery and death in the Minca Silver Mines. Sworn to return for those he left behind and joined by an unlikely sojourner, he sets out for the majestic realm of Leonesse. Before striking out on his new journey, Decklen receives assistance from the sage Octavius. But rather than swords and strategy, Decklen is presented a locked golden cylinder containing an ancient scroll. Tasked with opening the scroll, Decklen and his companion find themselves on an unexpected path of danger and discovery, in search of hidden keys that unlock the true secrets to success…and determine the fate of an entire kingdom.

"Quest of the Keys" is by Scotty Sanders, a leadership consultant who has been leading organizations for thirty years. First as a CEO for a multi-million dollar company and then as an executive for a nonprofit organization. Scotty has been recognized as the Louisiana Entrepreneur of the Year, Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year, and has been noted in trade magazines for his success in the business world. Scotty is a sought after speaker who has travelled both nationally and internationally to deliver speeches that are passionate, relevant, and challenging. He is also an author of books, training materials, and published articles. He and his wife, Cindy, live near Dallas, Texas.

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