Winter Author Blog Challenge Gives Author Bloggers Increased Exposure

The Winter Author Blog Challenge is a 15-day challenge with a social media theme. Published authors, authors in process, and would-be authors are encouraged to register and participate.

Online PR News – 25-February-2013 – Phoenix, Arizona – In creating the Author Blog Challenge, Laura Orsini set out to give authors a reason to post regularly so that they can create more traction and better SEO rankings for their blogs. The Winter Author Blog Challenge, scheduled to run March 1 through 15, 2013, will have a social media theme.

Authors and writers who are already blogging may wonder about the benefits of participating in a blog challenge. There are lots of reasons, but the four primary ones are:

IMPROVE BLOG TRAFFIC. A blog challenge gives an author a reason to post regularly, and the more often one posts, the better their blog will rank in the search engines. By expanding their participation to their social networks, authors can leverage the power of all the participants in the challenge to increase exposure for everyone’s blogs. Additionally, the blog host usually creates links to the home pages of participants’ blogs – and possibly to specific posts – increasing traffic to the participants’ blogs.

INCREASE SUBSCRIBERS. More traffic is good; more targeted traffic is better; additional subscribers and regular readers are like gold. Orsini can speak first hand: “After participating in my first blog challenge, my blog, Marcie Brock – Book Marketing Maven, saw a 25 percent increase in subscribers,” she explains.

BECOME PART OF A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY. Managing a blog can be a lonely endeavor. The blogger writes, hoping people discover their posts, read them, and interact via the comments section. Those comments and “likes” are a form of validation, and who can blame bloggers for desiring some sort of confirmation that they’re on the right track with their posts? Participating in a challenge like the Winter Author Blog Challenge gives an author a built-in community of like-minded bloggers.

MAKE GREAT NEW FRIENDS AND CONNECTIONS. Further to the idea of a supportive community, Winter Author Blog Challenge participants may discover significant new connections – and who knows where those connections can take them? Participants should not feel obligated to read every post from every other participant; in fact, certain bloggers will likely resonate more than others. However, giving as many blogs as possible a chance can create unlikely alliances that would never have happened under any other circumstances.

Participants in the Winter Author Blog Challenge will receive a daily writing prompt related to social media; however, they are not required to write on the prompt topic. The goal is for them to commit to blogging daily for 15 days.

Intersted authors and would-be authors should register for the Winter Author Blog Challenge. All participants will receive a complimentary copy of Orsini’s brand new 38-page special report: “Social Media for Authors.” Participants also will be entered in daily drawings to win digital prizes, many geared to help them improve their book marketing. Those who participate all 15 days will also be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card to the book retailer of their choice.


Laura Orsini is a self-publishing and marketing consultant, award-winning author, and speaker. Her mission is to empower speakers, coaches, and other change agents to carry their knowledge and passion into the world through their writing. Her goal is to fuel as many people as possible to share their solution-oriented messages — and to dismantle the self-sabotaging belief that they have to be trained writers in order to communicate well. All you have to do is know (a) what your message is, (b) who your audience is, and (c) why you need to tell your story. The rest — the editing, book production, marketing, etc. — is the easy part. But no one else on earth can replicate the passion and knowledge that you, alone, possess.

Orsini is active in Arizona affiliates of the American Business Women’s Association. She is an award-winning Toastmaster and offers an online self-paced course for aspiring women authors: Empowering Women Writers.


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