Gravita Group Launches First Quarterly News Magazine "Gravita Focus"

Gravita Group has launched its First quarterly News Magazine "Gravita Focus". This newsletter has enlightened on various aspects of Battery Recycling, Lead & Metal Industries in which the group is thoroughly involved.

Online PR News – 11-May-2010 – – Gravita Group has launched its first quarterly News Letter “Gravita FOCUS” on 7th May 2010. The Newsletter was published by the Chairman Dr. M P Agarwal. This newsletter is framed to put light on various aspects of Lead & Metal Industries in which the Group is thoroughly involved.

The first page of the magazine is covering the editor's note, few words from the chairman Dr. M P Agarwal "It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you all to this first edition of "GRAVITA FOCUS". It is proposed to be a quarterly feature with the intent of keeping you abreast of all that's going on at GRAVITA. It is the year of hope - as, from humble beginnings, we begin our journey into making GRAVITA a brand to save our worldwide. The path to success is ridden with pitfalls but our men have shown that even the biggest of disasters cannot curb our indomitable spirit. If all goes to plant, it is bound to be a year that will herald a meteoric rise for our company as we move forward with great zeal towards the establishment of several new centres abroad and upgrading our facility at home."

Few words from the Managing Director Mr. Rajat Agarwal "Let me too take this opportunity of welcoming you all. we need an organization that dares to unleash the imagination and energy of its people. The proof of the pudding is in its eating and it is a great augury for all of us that during these past few months we have won a plethora of awards for excellence and the name of 'GRAVITA' has been making waves in the print media with striking regularity. The dream is to make this company a legend in battery recycling field. How do we do it? You may ask. First and foremost to go from good to great goods transcending the curse of competence. Just because something has been our core business, just because we've been doing it for years does not give us the license to assume that we are the best. And if we cannot be the best in our core business, our core business cannot the basis of a great company.

The second page is covering the history of Gravita. The third page is covering the operations, Awards and Gallery and the final page is covering the message from R G Choudhary (V.P. operations), Jokes, Employee of the Quarter and few words from the HR department.

Thus, this magazine has covered all the aspects of Gravita Family and will go on the next quarter with new ideas.

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