New Research Locates Problem Areas For Beginning Sports Betting

It Pays For Newbies To Do Some Homework First

Online PR News – 22-July-2009 – – Its just a fact that with the advent of the Internet and its multitudes of online sports betting venues, more people than ever before are now trying their hand at speculating on seasonal sporting events. However; according to a recent study sponsored by Sports Betting, far too many first time betters are entering the frey armed with less knowledge on the topic then they should be.

For instance, one of the most common areas that far too many of these online sports betting initiats were found to be experiencing problems was in the understanding and comprehension of basic sports odds. In layman's terms, money lines and point spreads are the means by which one team or another in a contest will be indicated as being favored over the other to win.

As a general rule, in North America point spreads are applied to the games of football and basketball due to both these games tendency to involve high scoring numbers at the conclusion of games. While on the other hand, money lines are calculated and implemented for use in the games of hockey and baseball due to their comparatively low final score numbers posted at the conclusion of games.

As an example, if it is the general consensus by the odds makers that team A destined to win then the number of points that team A is speculated to win by will be added to the final score of team B to win. That is that team A must not only win for the better to collect but it must exceed team B's score by that previously estimated number. Its simply a way of leveling the playing field so to speak.

Total wagers are a type of bet that are just like they sound like. They are a bet that is placed on speculation that the total combined numbers of both teams final score will be above or below a certain number that will be set by the odds maker at the online sports betting venue. Of course a return on a winning wager can also be increased by betting at an online site that offers free first time player bonus cash incentives.

Money lines are similar in that they are also used to level the sports speculators playing field. However; given that the actual end of contests final score numbers in games such as hockey and baseball tend to be lower, it is the money payout figures that are adjusted. In short, the better picks a team to win outright and depending on how favored that team is to win, the winning payout formula will be adjusted accordingly.

On a final note: Without money lines and point spreads, sports betting would only be possible with teams that are evenly placed to win. Also bear in mind that with money lines and point spreads a better can pick a losing team and still collect on his or her bet.

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