Benefits Growth Network & Compliance Advisor Help Reduce Risk Exposure through Regulation Compliance

Benefits Growth Network introduces comprehensive legislative expertise to their solutions program for employee benefits agencies.

Online PR News – 10-May-2010 – – St. Louis, MO – Benefits Growth Network, a consulting firm specializing in growth and implementation strategies for employee benefits agencies, today announced that they have selected Compliance Advisor to join their partnership solutions program, BGNAdvantage.

The BGNAdvantage program is a select group of service partners for BGN member agencies to use as solution providers for their clients. The services in the program are focused on the long-term reduction of costs, reduced claims and absenteeism, and increased employee engagement.

“Staying compliant is a challenge nearly every employer faces,” says Tony Sorrentino, Compliance Advisor Managing Editor. “For companies without in-house expertise, interpreting the massive volume of legislative changes and regulatory updates can be costly and time consuming for HR personnel.”

Compliance Advisor uses its regulatory expertise to provide a solution for these companies. They offer a set of tools written specifically for the business owner and HR professional. The Compliance Advisor suite includes an ongoing series of newsletters, bulletins, guides and webinars designed help businesses interpret, understand and take action on the changes in legislation which govern employment practices.

Benefits Growth Network sees compliance as one of the biggest challenges that employers face, and health care reform is now increasing that burden. The legislation is voluminous and wide-ranging, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest interpretations for strict compliance planning.

“Bringing expertise to clients in the area of compliance is an important role for a benefits broker to fill. There are many areas of potential exposure, and we need to help businesses reduce those possible risks,” says Kevin Trokey, president of Benefits Growth Network.

About Compliance Advisor
Compliance Advisor helps brokers and their clients navigate the complexities of legislative regulations. Tony Sorrentino, Managing Editor, has written and lectured extensively on Section 125 plan compliance, wellness initiatives, consumer-driven health plans, HIPAA privacy and security, COBRA interpretation and ERISA fiduciary responsibilities. His extensive knowledge of Section 125 led to him co-authoring a Certified Flexible Compensation Instructor course on plan administrative guidelines. For more information about Compliance Advisor, visit or call Tony Sorrentino at 877.823.6636.

About Benefits Growth Network
Benefits Growth Network, based out of St. Louis, MO, is an international membership-based consulting firm specializing in growth strategies for independently owned employee benefits agencies and brokerages. Through the exclusive Benefits Growth System™, members get individualized planning, coaching, training, use of proprietary systems and access to a network of thriving benefits agencies. For more information about Benefits Growth Network, visit

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