Website Optimization Tips Techniques For Google Caffeine: B2B Study

SEO website optimization and Internet marketing firm randomly reviews Business to Business sites and finds most aren't optimized for the Google Caffeine update.

Online PR News – 10-May-2010 – – SEO Internet marketing and website optimization firm Irbtrax recently completed a random review of 50 Business to Business websites and found that over 75% were not using techniques that will benefit from the Google Caffeine infrastructure and algorithm updates. Given the new enhancements that Google Caffeine offers Irbtrax has dedicated a page exclusively on providing website optimization tips and updates.

While this was an improvement over a similar analysis performed in December showing close to 85% were not optimized the results demonstrate that companies are still not investing resources toward this key online conversion and traffic application. An application that involves elements of SEO and Social Media optimization.

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During this independent study the following website concerns were uncovered when compared against Google Caffeine leading practices:

Absence of updated, new, or unique website content.
Lack of properly and effectively constructed META Tags.
Shortage of quality outbound links related to the site's theme.
Confusing internal linking formats and navigation techniques.
No Social Media involvement or sharing features where applicable.
Issues with page/site download times when measured using Y2K-XT Testing.

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir- "The goal of Google Caffeine is to continue enhancing the speed, relevancy and accuracy of user search experience with a greater emphasis on Real Time results. This focus on user experience is not only important to Google but studies show it should also be a top priority for every business to business website."

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