Optimax shoots new TV ad in Valley of the Kings

Optimax, the laser eye surgery specialists, unveil their new TV commercial this month, filmed in North Africa.

Online PR News – 10-May-2010 – – Optimax, the laser eye surgery specialists, unveil their new TV commercial this month, filmed in North Africa.

The new ad, shot in Luxor, Egypt, follows the epic journey of Spencer Conway, the British adventure motorcyclist attempting a record-breaking solo circumnavigation of Africa.

Conway, 42, is an ambassador for the laser provider, and had surgery with Optimax as a preparation for the challenge, fearing the limitations of contact lenses in extreme conditions.

The 30 second commercial captures Spencer at an early stage of his adventure, showing his passage through southern Egypt, meeting locals and negotiating rough terrains.

"We are thrilled to have worked with Spencer on this new commercial. This expedition is a perfect example of the possibilities that laser eye surgery can open up for people. We wish him every success," says Optimax founder Russell Ambrose.

The motorcyclist's voyage has been action-packed right from the start. Since his journey began last November, Spencer has been attacked by gangs in Egypt, camped with nomads in the Libyan desert, and escaped with his life after been sprayed with gunfire by Kenyan bandits.

So far, Spencer Conway has travelled through 16 countries and covered 31,000 miles.

Currently motoring through Angola on Africa's western coast, the explorer is well on his way to completing the historic journey.

"I spend 15 dollars a day, and I've slept in forests for the last 60 nights, but I'm not going to give up," Conway told Africa News this week.

His improved vision has given him a crucial edge during the challenge;

"Because I've had laser eye surgery I can deal with different situations; deserts, rain or whatever the journey throws at me. It's given me total confidence."

The commercial began transmission on May 1 on satellite channels.

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