Banned Since 1947, Casino Gambling Finally Comes Back To Mexico

Mexican Resorts Now Even More Exciting To Visit

Online PR News – 22-July-2009 – – Its only recently that Mexican citizens and vacation travelers woke up to find that casino style gambling, banned since 1947, was once aging legal. The true irony of it all is that Las Vegas and its sprawling casinos have for years been ranked as the fourth most popular destination for Mexican international vacationers.

However; given that it is new to Mexico, its not without some restrictions. Restrictions that many have deemed necessary, given the level of potential growth in casino development that is plainly visible on the horizon. For instance, in Mazatlan and Acapulco alone there are currently gambling resorts valued at $500 million in the works.

The most noteworthy restriction on Mexican casino resort development effects the freedom of casino developers to build in prime resort destinations. While they will be able to build in resort areas, the Mexican government does have the final say as to the exact locations that these new casino projects will spring up.

The good news is that guaging from where the first smaller casinos are being allowed in places like Mazatlan, where one has recently opened on the beach just south of the main tourist zone, they will be on the beach and readily accessible. However; if the positioning of the Mazatlan casino can be taken as an omen of things to come, they will be strategically placed to buttress ongoing efforts to revitalize older areas of coastal resorts.

Also at the same time that offline casino gaming is catching on in Mexico, online Spanish language betting sites such as Apuestas continue to expand in popularity. These sites and others like them credit their high level of acceptance by Mexican nationals to their ability to offer games such as lotteries and Bingo that have traditionally been popular in Mexico.

On a similar note dog and horse racing that have always been popular in Mexico are expected to get an added boost as a direct result of casino developments. However; if what is happening in Mazatlan where a new horse racing track is breaking ground some 16 miles outside of the city is any indicator where new tracks will be located, they will set well apart from popular tourist zones.

On a related note: With hotel and lodging vacancy rates currently at an all time high at virtually all Mexican Riviera resorts, the cost of visiting these vacation hot-spots has plummeted. Even air lines have slashed fares in an attempt to fill seats on planes destined for Mexican coastal resorts.

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