Totally Spa - Getting More Bang Out Of An Advertising Buck

Totally Spa introduces a new innovative marketing tool – live feed ads for spa businesses and partner websites.
Singapore, July 2009 - Spa promotion search engine provider Totally Spa has partnered Yellow Pages (Singapore)’s web-based directory portal,, to offer live feed ads to their spa business customers.

Online PR News – 22-July-2009 – – By paying just one advertisement fee for an advertising space on Totally Spa, the same advertisement automatically appears in partner website, visitors .sg, at no additional cost to spa businesses looking to advertise their spa promotions on the web.

A live feed ad is a break from the traditional advertisement arrangement. Most spa businesses would usually approach a number of website providers, and pay multiple advertising fees in order to be featured on several websites at the same time for greater outreach of their spa promotions. With a live feed ad, the spa business owner effectively pays and deals with just one party, thus simplifying the advertising process for spa businesses without compromising its outreach potential.

Since most promotional advertisements have a limited time span, live feed ads reduces the need to deal with multiple providers within a limited period of time. When the promotion expires, spa businesses need not remind individual website providers to remove expired spa promotions, as the deletion of ads on Totally Spa would mean the auto deletion of ads on their partner websites as well.

This is good news for partner websites as well, since Totally Spa would effectively be managing the channel for spa promotions on their websites such that only the latest and valid spa promotions are made available on them.

Pazit Hevlin, brainchild of Totally Spa, explains the rationale behind the live feed ad service:
'Totally Spa is all about simplifying. We offer a wide range of spa promotions on our website to make it easy for spa lovers to find spa promotions that match their budgets and needs. So it is only natural we would want to make it as easy as possible for spas to reach out to a greater audience. Launching an innovative service like live feed ads is simply in line with what we do here at Totally Spa.'

Totally Spa intends to partner other popular lifestyle portals in Singapore, to extend their same live ad feed service outreach to other lifestyle websites.

The launch of the live feed ad marks another innovative marketing tool launched by Totally Spa for their customers. Totally Spa currently offers a number of innovative marketing services, and some services are free for their customers. For instance, Totally Spa offers a free email alert service to all spa businesses to provide real-time feedback on how many times a particular promotion has been viewed on Totally Spa. Premium innovative marketing services offered by Totally Spa for spa businesses include web-based podcast and blogging services hosted on Totally Spa.

About Totally Spa
Totally Spa is an independent company that offers a web-based directory and search engine service dedicated to featuring spa promotions in Singapore. Its aim is to provider spa goers with a free for all, one-stop website with a wide choice of spa promotions, as well as to provide a neutral and innovative marketing platform for spa businesses. Its niche website, totallyspa .com, lists hundreds of spa promotion vouchers that can be downloaded by all users for free. Spa businesses can opt to be listed on Totally Spa’s Spa Directory at no cost too. In addition, Totally Spa offers premium marketing solutions to spa businesses looking to reach out to potential customers.

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