Lucrative Online Casino Promotional Offers Attracting New Clients

Hefty Cash Bonus Incentives Make Every Player a Winner

Online PR News – 22-July-2009 – – July 2009 - Its just a plain proven business fact that there is nothing moire effective for bringing new clients through the door than giving away free product. Now it seems that online casinos are taking it a step further by actually giving away free money and as a promotional gimmick, it really doesn't get much better than that.

When recently contacted by phone for some input on the cash giveaway promotional phenomenon a representative of Casinos LTD, a site that features a number of online betting venues engaged in this practice did offer some input. “ Be aware that alot of these offers do come with a catch” “Sure the add may offer $500 but read the fine print.”

“The online casinos featured on our site don't play the bait and switch game when it comes to free cash giveaways for new players.” “In fact the majority of them offer simple double your money offers for your first bet.” “ Simply show up, sign up, put your bet down and its doubled by the house, on the house and it doesn't get much simpler than that.”

Even so, new online players are well advised to shop around. Thats because depending on the particular games that each person prefers, there are some lucrative promotional offers out there. Then again its well advised that one not venture into unfamiliar betting territory simply to take advantage of any one particular cash bonus promotional offer. Bear in mind that typically the higher the bonus offer the higher the stakes will be in the game.

The same representative at also advised that there are plenty of free online gambling sites that allow newbies to hone their skills at games like poker safely, using points instead of money. “The last thing we want to see is some new player learning lessons the hard whay their first go-round” “Thats certainly no fun for anyone and the one thing that for sure like to see is our online casino visitors having fun.”

On a related note: While US federal laws governing online gambling can seem vague at times one thing is clear. That is that the actual act of gambling online by private parties is legal in all states in accordance with both state and federal law. Rather its the transferring of gambling related funds by financial institutions that has been effected by recently enacted legislation

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