US Online Gamblers Get a Rude Awakening From Law Enforcement Authorities

28 Thousand See Their Gambling Bank Accounts Seized

Online PR News – 22-July-2009 – – While the laws that govern it may be extremely vague and at times contradictory, none the less it is a fact that online gambling within the borders of the United States is illegal. However; the quandary for law enforcement authorities all along has been that the enterprises that conduct it are owned by non US citizens, who base their operations in countries where online gambling is legal.

Hence; laws that have been passed in the US and the measures taken to enforce them have for the most part focused on the individual gamblers within the jurisdictional limits of the US. Even so, there is little that can be done to control what US citizens do on their computers within the privacy of their own homes.

This is turn has prompted the passage of legislation aimed at thwarting illegal gambling by individuals at the “payment end” of the process. Laws that make it illegal for banks to transfer funds to or from any online gambling entity. Even so, the sheer numbers of people in the US that do gamble online and use banks to facilitate their transactions made enforcement of these laws difficult.

Now the recent seizure of some 28 thousand bank accounts, containing a total of $34 million has served as a wake up call to all US online gamblers that that bank accounts that they keep and use for the purpose of online gambling can be lost at any given moment. Just one more element of risk to account for as they make their wagers.

Now in an effort to help to counterbalance the financial risk that US online gamblers must shoulder, Free Bets offers an enticing proposal that is hard to refuse. Its an online venue that showcases the most reputable online gaming sites that also offer free cash bonus incentives to new members of up to $160 on their first bet.

While offers like this do serve to tilt the field in the direction of the players to some degree, they don't offer permanent solutions to the current dilemma confronting US citizens who must keep bank accounts in order to gamble online. It is recommended however, that those who do keep accounts in the future not keep excessive amounts of money in them and not use a business or household account for gambling transactions.

On a related note: Lawmakers are feeling increasing pressure from legal domestic offline gambling entities, to allow them to establish online venues. Its felt by many experts that it is these offline legal gambling interests who have been behind much of the anti-online gambling legislation which was passed to eliminate competition.

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