Rhyme Genie's Bottle Gets Rubbed by 600,000 Songs

Idolumic releases Rhyme Genie 2.0 with an updated intelligent rhyme and a special songwriter rhyming dictionary.

Online PR News – 10-May-2010 – – Songwriters who consider rhyming dictionaries too cumbersome for writing lyrics can now find inspiration with Rhyme Genie's latest update. The dynamic rhyming dictionary with 30 different rhyme types and 300,000 entries now includes a custom songwriter's rhyme reference. Compiled from more than 100 million words used in over 600,000 songs the new reference allows users to focus exclusively on rhymes typically found in lyrics.

"With Rhyme Genie 2.0 artists can rhyme familiar words in refreshing new ways by using the Songwriter Dictionary in conjunction with the newly improved intelligent rhyme," says Peter Wier, Idolumic's founder.

The intelligent rhyme that allows users to find near rhymes by simply decreasing the similarity in sound has been redesigned to distinguish between primary and secondary stress in words.

"The enhanced capabilities of the intelligent rhyme allow Rhyme Genie to find words that are closely related in sound over multiple syllables, even if the search word does not have a perfect rhyme mate," states Wier.

Other improvements of the latest version are over 7400 new additional entries to the rhyming dictionary and an improved wordfilter with a total of 130,000 references to parts of speech.

Current users can install the update free of charge on existing computers. "Rhyme Genie can be updated indefinitely on the same computer with an activation code that never expires," explains Wier. "Users can switch to a different computer at any time by purchasing additional activation codes for a modest fee."

Free trials are available for Mac or PC at http://www.rhymegenie.com. The first activation code for the downloadable version is priced at $24.95. Registered users can purchase activation codes for their additional computers for $7.95 each.