Recent Trends In Las Vegas Casino Book Makers Pointing Towards Their Eventual Demise

Closing Doors Leave Fewer Remaining Open

Online PR News – 22-July-2009 – – July 2009 - Closing Doors Leave Fewer Remaining Open

As if the recent profit numbers coming out of Las Vegas in these recessionary times weren't bad enough, now it appears that casino book makers in the city that never sleeps may soon become a thing of the past. In fact, the most recent casino to close out its sports betting operation is Bally's, a major casino along the strip that also happens to be owned by Harrah's, a name synonymous with Las Vegas gambling and entertianment.

Experts and Vegas gambling industry insiders have seen the writing on the wall for some time and predict that in time, conventional casino sports betting in Vegas will in fact be completely gone. They also point out that the entire blame can't be laid on online sports books with names like Bookmakers, who do by the way tend to post better betting odds. Rather, the casinos must also accept a major portion of the blame themselves.

For instance it is generally accepted that Las Vegas casino book makers have policies that tend to drive their highest wagering betters away. Policies such as lowering the betting limits on sports betters who seem to be on winning streaks. Another policy that has served to isolate them from Vegas gamblers, is refusing to accept bets from sports betters who appear to have gained a fundamental understanding of sports betting that has allowed them to increase their odds of winning.

In short it would seem on the surface that Las Vegas casino book makers only want to deal with gamblers who are pretty much predestined to lose and they are willing to take preemptive actions to eliminate anyone who doesn't fall into this category. Its the same problem that so many other entertainment businesses that have gone corporate now have. Their short-sighted blind greed inhibits their ability to understand that in the end they are dealing with people who in the end are just interested in having a nice day or evening out without being dealt with unfairly.

On a related note: As conventional casino book makers see their player numbers consistently decreasing, simultaneously online sports books report record numbers of visitors to their websites. Hence; the declining sports betting trends in venues like Las Vegas can't be attributed to any general waning of public interest in sports betting.

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