Office Humor Gets a New Voice as ‘How to Write Email that Gets Results’ is Now in Paperback

Office humor has never been this fierce.

Online PR News – 10-May-2010 – – Get ready to laugh until your ego hurts as “How to Write Email that GETS RESULTS & Other CEObservations,” the new satire about managing today’s corporate culture by destroying it, is now available in paperback.

What’s the best way to fire someone via email? How many people need to be in CC: before someone makes a decision? What’s the replacement value of a person? What’s the best way to deal with the IT department? Find out the answers to these questions and more as fictional CEO Richard Hlava of HlavCo Intl. (with help from his assistant Terry Dugan) skewers today’s feel-good, coddling corporate culture.

In the book’s 33 chapters, Hlava shares his thoughts on writing effective email, team dismantling, living to work, who would Jesus CC: and how to use puppets to watch over your employees and more.

“Why is Sesame Street, presumably located in New York City, so clean and bereft of crack addicts? Puppets make people work,” Hlava says.

“How to Write Email that GETS RESULTS & Other CEObservations” also delves into the philosophy and psychology of the business world: why one must separate business from life; why business ethics should be thought about (but those thoughts should never escape one’s mind); and most importantly, when you decide you want to play the game, you’re wasting your time if you’re not playing to win.

“The CC: is also your way of letting someone with more power than you know that you’re right about something,” says Hlava.

How do you get the message across to your employees the CEO way? Get the book today for $12.99 or less at bookstores, such sites as or from the “co-author” Terry Dugan’s website,

By following Hlava’s advice, you, too, could someday climb the corporate ladder to middle management.

About the Authors
Richard Hlava is the founder and CEO of HlavCo Intl., a multinational corporation that supplies the world with a wide range of useful products from Leberkäse Lederhosen edible Oktoberfest wear to The Right Stuff home pet taxidermy solution. Read more about him at

Terry Dugan is a playwright and author of the books The Hick Arrives: A Guide to Midwestern Living, How to Write Email that GETS RESULTS & Other CEObservations and Trudy & Colin: The Relationship Guide and of the play The Fog People.