Top Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directory Offers Free Cell Phone Provider Searches

Presently, over 64% of U.S. population use cell phones to make calls, which implies a growing need for a public cell phone directory.

Online PR News – 10-May-2010 – – Most people who received unknown calls to their mobile phones, probably know that these calls are, in most cases, hard to track down because they were made from a cell phone. As White Pages and other public free phone directories are going the way of rotary-dialed telephones, there is a need to replace them with a modern cell phone directory.

Some steps have already been made in this direction. has recently added a free service that you can use to look up the issuing location and a cell phone carrier of any phone number. The cell phone provider lookup is powered by several private directory services and allows you to find out the number's wireless carrier by just entering the number in their easy-to-use search box.

The issuing location is a bit tricky since Sprint, Verizon and other mobile providers do not publish a directory for the numbers they service, so there is a chance that this info might be outdated. But in most cases, the state and county where the number was issued are correct.

As to the cell phone owner's personal information - such as name, address and other related details - this info is usually based on various public sources, which are slow in updating their databases which, in turn, leads to a high possibility that this info is anything but current.

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