Unfair PPI Agreements Are Becoming A Great Problem In The UK

PPI is not a strange word in today’s modern world. Though the payment protection insurance is a good initiative, many service providers mis-sell these to the people of UK and worsen their financial situation furthermore, according to the professionals of RealClaims

Online PR News – 22-July-2009 – – Blackpool, UK ( OnlinPRNews ) July 22, 2009 – “The payment protection insurance was originally launched to manage a person’s debts in case he/ she is not able to settle them due to some unexpected situations such as accidents, illness, or even sudden unexpected loss of job. This payment protection insurance is very promising as it ensures to manage all your utility bills, credit card payments and the other debts you have. The PPI actually reveals the burden of maintaining your finances at times of emergency. Thus PPI seems to be a very good initiative that helps the people of UK not to end up in a financial crisis. Unfortunately the savvy insurance marketers have driven the payment protection insurance initiative to a wrong direction. With the payment protection insurance headed to a wrong direction, an initiative started for the welfare of mankind has become one of the greatest problems in the UK” says Mr. Andrew Smythe of RealClaims (http://www.realclaims.co.uk)

Speaking on more details about the mis-sold payment protection insurance, Mr. Andrew Smythe said, “People of UK should always remember the fact that the payment protection insurance is not mandatory anywhere. The savvy insurance marketers just spread out wrong information that the payment protection insurance is a must to get credit. The true fact is that the payment protection insurance has nothing to do with getting credit from any of the sources. This is one of the main tricks used by the payment protection insurance service providers to attract the people of UK to signup for their insurance plans.” Does this mean that PPI is not necessary for anyone? “For the moment of truth there are some good PPI services that can benefit you. All you have to is to identify your requirement and signup for the plan you like, rather than getting the advice of the payment protection insurance (http://www.realclaims.co.uk) service provider.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Andrew Smythe said, “There is nothing to worry if some savvy insurance marketing professionals has successfully mis-sold a PPI to anyone in UK. We help the people of UK to get a full refund from the insurance service provider. We have succeeded in getting a full refund for every claim that has done through us.”

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