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Bharatbook added a new report on "Global Green Building Materials and Construction" which gives market opportunities and develop targeted promotion plans for green building products.

Online PR News – 09-May-2010 – – Global Green Building Materials and Construction

This research report about Green Building Materials and Construction presents an in-depth analysis of the development, applications, products, technologies, manufacturers, and trends for products that help conserve energy in homes and buildings, reduce harmful environmental effects, and are themselves sustainable in terms of their composition and manufacturing. Rising costs for electricity, concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, diminishing fresh water supplies, deforestation, scarcity of raw materials, and a rapidly growing global population are among the key drivers of the development of new building designs, new construction techniques, and alternative building products and materials that are sustainable and minimize adverse environmental impacts. Although green building materials and green construction only represent a small fraction of the entire building industry, these segments have shown themselves to be resilient during the current economic recession and have actually gained market share during this period. ( )

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of both green building materials and green construction, cost considerations that have limited their growth, government incentives that have spurred their growth, consumer and business demand, potential opportunities for additional growth, and an assessment of developing technologies that are making green building products and green construction the “new normal”. Projected growth through 2015 for both of these markets is provided including discussion of economic conditions, environmental impacts, consumer-business-builder acceptance, stakeholder concerns, and government activities as they affect growth rates. The report also profiles manufacturers and marketers of green building products and materials and the strategies they have adopted to maximize growth and profitability.

Scope and Methodology

This report includes both primary and secondary research. Secondary research data have been obtained from government sources, trade association publications, business journals, and company literature. Statistical data are included for industry revenue, both globally and for the United States. The market size for both green building materials and green construction is projected from 2010 to 2015.

Potential applications, development trends, environmental issues, consumer behavior, and energy considerations are also reviewed and analyzed. Market size estimates and forecasts are based on government and secondary sources, and the impact of factors such as government grants and incentives, environmental concerns, fuel and energy prices, economic considerations, and demand for sustainable and energy efficient products and buildings.

How You Will Benefit from this Report

If your company is involved in any aspect of the construction industry - from architectural design to building supplies to building construction and renovation to real estate sales and management - or if you are considering the purchase or construction of a new home or office building, or simply want to determine the myriad opportunities that exist within the burgeoning market for green building products and green construction, you will find this report invaluable. It provides a comprehensive package of information and insight about the green construction industry that is not offered in any other single source. You will gain a thorough understanding of what constitutes green building products and materials, where these products can be found, and how they are used. You will also gain a thorough understanding of the green construction market, its standards and certifications, and the trends towards more sustainable and energy efficient construction methods. Projected market growth through 2015 is also presented.

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