IntelliSparx Launches New Site for Baja Land Bargains

IntelliSparx, a leading online web technology firm in San Diego, California, has launched the Baja Land Bargains site, a new comprehensive website for users looking to purchase land in Baja Mexico.

Online PR News – 08-May-2010 – – IntelliSparx is very pleased to announce the new site launch of Baja Land Bargains, a full informational site dedicated to helping people research and purchase land in Baja Mexico. Baja Land Bargains wanted the ability to not only update their website using a content management system, but also wanted to provide a professional web presence to those visitors who came to the site.

Baja Land Bargains is the premier vendor to purchase land from in Baja Mexico; with large parcels of land not only on the Sea of Cortez, but also on the Pacific Coast, you are sure to find Baja property you’ve always been looking for. All properties are clear of liens and encumbrances, each lot can be legally transferred, and their team of experts will ensure taking title is simple, safe, and secure.

“It’s always a great opportunity to build a website from scratch and bring a client’s vision of their web marketing to life. We really wanted to build a website that was attractive for Baja Land Bargains cliente that not only allowed them to update and modify their information on a consistent basis, but also allow web users who land on the site to request more information with just a few clicks. As Baja Land Bargains begins to grow as a leader in purchasing Baja Mexico property, it will be a great chance for IntelliSparx to be a part of their continued growth,” said President, Eric Wohl.

Many leading economists predict a continued decline in the US dollar and insist buying tangible assets such as land and other natural resources is an excellent way to take ownership of something real, and diversify away from invisible assets such as 401K’s. Property in Baja Mexico is a terrific way to diversify the portfolio, learn more about this opportunity at

IntelliSparx is a privately held company located in San Diego, California. Specializing in web design, marketing, and custom applications, they have helped clients from a wide variety of industries revamp their web efforts and continue to grow upon past successes.

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