Drugsfinder.net – Grand Opening

Drugsfinder.net announces the launch of European online pharmacy. It sells only FDA approved brand and generic medications.

Online PR News – 08-May-2010 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Emma Parker
May 7, 2010
Suite B, 28 Harley Street,
London, United Kingdom

Drugsfinder.net announces the launch of European online pharmacy. It sells only FDA approved brand and generic medications.
When it comes to a person's health, no one would argue that this is the most precious thing which cannot be bought at a supermarket. You should care about it constantly as negligent attitude sooner or later may results in health problems or even premature death. Here is the moment when medications make a rescue. The only important thing is to choose safe and reliable source which can provide you qualified medical help and quality drugs.
Today, there is a great number of online pharmaceutical resources. Sometimes it is not so easy to make a right choice. Moreover there are a lot of quacks so people simply lose confidence. Only explicit guarantees can dictate a reasonable choice of online customers. Drugsfinder.net provides only FDA and WHO approved medications, manufactured according to the the world normative and technical documentation (GMP) . The company does not deal with controlled drugs which may cause severe side effects. Generic and brand medications offered at drugsfinder.net belong to world-renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers like Cipla, Ranbaxy, Cadila, Zydus which comply with the strict WHO, GMP and ISO standards.
The generic medications available at this online pharmacy are equally effective and safe as any other brand name preparations, but cost much cheaper than their brand counterparts. A generic drug contains the same active ingredients in the same dosage form as a brand name drug. The strength and purity of generic medications are strictly regulated. So if the customer just can't afford brand medication, drusfinder.net offers a wide range of generic analogues.
One of the services provided by drusfinder.net is qualified consultation of licensed pharmacists who will help the customer to choose the right medication. A customer will not receive any medication without notification of full drug information as mode of administration, side effects and contradictions.
Drugsfinder.net offers product range including amoxicillin, diflucan, zyrtec, zoloft, acai, celebrex, viagra and many others. The medications are sent worldwide with complete adherence of privacy.
Drugsfinder.net believes in building long-term business relationship with its customers. To practice and enhance this aspect, only experienced licensed pharmacists are invited to work for this online pharmacy, only FDA and WHO approved medications are offered. Customer service agents are trained on an ongoing basis, empowering with the authority and responsibility for quick decisions while talking to the clients and standing firm on the commitments that were made in terms of price, total reliability, time delivery.

Drugsfinder.net strives to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and make them satisfied with the products received from this European online pharmacy.