Morey’s Piers’ Human Cannonball Book Launch Highlights 40 Years Of Thrills In The Wildwoods

The Morey Organization launches its new book "A Wild Ride" in a highly unusual way. The book highlights the unique history of Morey's Piers, an iconic attraction located on the Wildwood boardwalks.

Online PR News – 21-July-2009 – – THE WILDWOODS, NJ – David 'The Bullet' Smith gave new meaning to the term 'book launch' when he carried a copy of 'A Wild Ride' on his own wild ride from inside a 36-foot cannon on the Wildwood boardwalks to a net over Morey’s Pier on Thursday afternoon.

View David Smith’s historic wild ride over Morey’s Pier on YouTube –

'A Wild Ride' chronicles the 40 year history of Morey’s Piers, from its beginnings as a giant slide operated by Wilbert C. Morey in 1969 to its rise as an amusement empire which includes three piers and two water parks in Wildwood and North Wildwood, with 111 rides and attractions, six coasters, 37 games and 25 food outlets. Written by Jack Wright, of Exit Zero Publishing in Cape May, the book also peeks into a future where a coaster spans two piers over the beach.

"It would be nice if every company retained documents and pictures, but it doesn’t happen in real life. Most companies do not expect to be written about, especially one that started with a single slide. But this company had a story to tell. I thought it was a great story," Wright says.

"The book is a celebration of our history and our founders’ vision," says Morey Executive Vice President, Jack Morey. "In celebrating the past, we have identified some of the key planners, architects, and artists that have contributed in the development of the piers over the last 40 years."

According to Wright, the Morey brand expanded and grew even as the Wildwoods languished in the 1980s. Wright credits the energy and imagination of Jack and his brother, Will. "They are the heartbeat of Wildwood," Wright says. "It sounds corny, but I believe that. They have an entrepreneurial zeal which is why they’re still around."

"My Dad grew up in West Wildwood," Jack says. "He told me never in his wildest imaginations did he dream he’d own a pier."

The local historical association provided photographs for the book. Employees were generous in sharing their experiences and memories as well. A true reflection of the success of the management is how so many employees have stayed for a long time.

"The boardwalk is an American icon. It’s about being unique. As long as you stay unique, people will flock to the Boardwalk," says Morey President, Will Morey.

"We dedicated an entire chapter to the future of Morey’s Piers which brings us back to one of the biggest things we keep learning over and over again: that change is the only constant in this business," Jack says.

'A Wild Ride' can be purchased at the new Morey Store, located on Morey’s Piers, for $19.95 plus tax. For more information contact Lindsey Young at 609-846-1065.

About Morey’s Piers:
Morey’s Piers, located on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey is a classic seaside amusement park, family owned and operated since 1969. Voted the third best seaside amusement park in the world by Amusement Today, Morey’s Piers spans over eighteen acres along six beach blocks and includes three amusement piers and two beachfront waterparks. Convenient to the major population centers of the Northeast, yet a world apart, Morey’s Piers along with Morey Resorts combines the pure joy of an amusement park, the sights and sounds of a classic boardwalk, outstanding accommodations, together with the rhythm of beach life. Visit them at Surfside Pier, featuring the Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club at 25th Avenue, Mariner’s Landing Pier, featuring Raging Waters Waterpark at Schellenger Avenue, and Adventure Pier at Spencer Avenue. For more information, visit or phone (609) 522-3900.

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