Pro Desks Introduces Mongoose, a Perfect Laptop Desk for Chevrolet Silverado

Uppgroup PR – Monday, Feb 18, 2013.Uppgroup Inc. announces the Mongoose locking laptop desk to fit Chevrolet Silverado.
Sylvan Lake, Alberta, For Immediate Release

Online PR News – 20-February-2013 – Sylvan Lake – Pro Desks - Uppgroup Inc. has recently annouced they successfully manufactured their most advanced mobile computing product for Chevrolet Silverado, the Mongoose locking laptop desk ( This product is considered to be one of the most innovative locking truck laptop laptop mounts which are produced by Pro-Desks. This laptop desk is compatible and securely fits with any Chevrolet Silverado trucks.

The Mongoose is the best mobile computer desk one can find in the market these days. This automobile laptop mount comes into a variety of features. Since it was presented, it soon became the best seller and the most user friendly vehicle laptop mount in the current market. The adjustable top of the Mongoose allows users to place laptops with all sizes of screens and thickness without having any difficulties.

The Mongoose has some serious strength in the base, the lower post and the upper pedestal, throughout to the slide motion attachment complete to the metal clevis under the top. Mongoose automobile laptop mounts are sturdy because they are made from the best materials in the industry. Professionally powder coasted for a great finish that will last for years. Thanks to this manufacturing features, this typical laptop desk can last for a life time.

What's more, the bases of Mongoose are interchangeable, which means users are not required to buy a new laptop desk if they want to change their Chevrolet Silverado models. All they need to do is to install a new base which fits their new Chevrolet Silverado. Everyone can move the laptop desk system to a new vehicle because the system is designed to bolt right to the new base. Users will have no issues while re-installing this. The Mongoose has made things all easier for users. Users can change his car to any models they want without having to worry about the need to buy new car laptop mounts.

Users can find no laptop stands which are simpler to adjust than the Mongoose. Its controls are at the front of the motion attachments right under the computer cradle, which users can reach and adjust without any hassles. Another great feature of Mongoose is its slide motion attachment which helps bring the laptop closer for users to use and push it away easily when users are done. Mongoose laptop truck desks come with an advanced locking mechanism which can protect laptops from falling or being damaged by shocks or collisions on the way. The knob turns to “Close” and it’s that easy. When user turns the knob to "Lock", his laptop is locked into the cradle, enhancing the security for the laptop when moving on the road.

Ed Loseth, customer relations manager had this to say about the Mongoose: "The best thing about Chevrolet Silverado Mongoose vehicle laptop desk is, all the desk system are bolted together, making it a united block which can prevent any thieves from stealing the laptop. Users can leave their vehicles there and go for a while without worrying about their laptop being stolen thanks to this powerful locking mechanism. 99.5% of our universal computer cradles never need repair or warranty work. The Mongoose for the Chevrolet Silverado is the strongest and the most versatile vehicle desk available out there".

Mongoose car laptop desk fits well with a Chevrolet Silverado and takes up very little space. The cradle is positioned in the right way over the console thanks to the base so it is completely out of the driver's way when he is driving. This laptop truck desk does not interfere with passenger seat either. When the work is done, users can close the laptop screen right away without having to worry about the laptop hinges. A streamlined adjustable slide arm of the Mongoose enables users to work on the laptop from either side of their vehicle.

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