A Fresh Approach to Finding Free Discount Codes and Coupons at DealBandy.com

DealBandy.com launches an innovative way to finding coupons and discounts by asking the consumer where they want to save or what they want to save on.

Online PR News – 21-July-2009 – – According to Google Keywords, more than 2.3 million searches are performed each month for the phrases 'discount codes' or 'coupon codes'. Savvy consumers often append these to store names to create search terms such as 'Amazon Coupon Codes' or 'Target.com Discount Codes'. It's clear what consumers want these days - they want to save money. DealBandy.com has recognized this desire and has recently offered consumers an innovative way to track down discount coupons, free shipping codes and other money-saving offers.

DealBandy.com is a question/answer platform for finding the best coupons and deals for online stores, products and services. Requesting a deal is as simple as answering one of two questions; 'Where Do You Want to Save?' or 'What Do You Want to Save On? After a deal request is posted, 'deal hunters' track down appropriate money-saving coupons and discounts.

"The incredible search volume for terms such as 'coupons' and 'discounts' are a clear indicator that there is no home for saving money online. When people search, they use Google or Yahoo!. When they want to connect? Facebook or Myspace. By asking discount-seekers what they want, instead of making them look for it, DealBandy.com hopes to become synonymous with saving money," said Founder Keith Hanson.

In addition to requesting deals, consumers can also browse past deal answers and user-uploaded coupons. More than 4,000 stores have a dedicated coupon and deals page where consumers can find such offers as a Target Discount Coupon and Free Shipping at Amazon.com.

When a coupon or deal is redeemed, the user who posted the offer has the opportunity to earn cash commission, rewards points and other incentives.

"The success of sharing websites such as Yahoo! Answers is evidence that people find joy in helping others," said Hanson. "At DealBandy.com, users have the opportunity to help others while earning cash and other incentives. This should give discount-seekers confidence that DealBandy.com will give consumers the personalized savings they are after."


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