Communities Battle Bandit By Blogging

Community Blog Batters Barefoot Bandit

Online PR News – 07-May-2010 – – A new blog gives citizens a way to organize and also assist authorities in catching Colton Harris-Moore, the 19 year old fugitive known as the Barefoot Bandit, who has evaded capture for more than 2 years and is accused of an estimated $1.5 million in damages and thefts across the northwestern United States and southwestern British Columbia.

Fan websites that celebrate his criminal activity, and talk of a film, have received national media attention in recent weeks; however, citizens, including local shop owners, are not as enthusiastic about his exploits.

"He's injuring innocent people, stealing from communities without any evident remorse or sense of accountability," says founder David Peters, a former San Juan Islands resident. "The Islands embrace a variety of lifestyles but this isn't acceptable; it isn't heroic, it isn't daring citizenship, it isn't beneficial for anyone. It's just damaging, dangerous, and a sad story."

"I decided on a blog format because it, unlike a flashier website, unlike his fan websites, creates a greater sense of community and solidarity, which sends a clearer message to him and his supporters."

Peters is speaking with local law enforcement and business owners to add the most relevant information and links, and has included links to community resources, as well as a "Rant Here!" page where visitors can say their peace. "The site," he adds, "thrives on community input."

That site again is, . David Peters can be reached through the site or at .