'Renew Contact' Website Brings Lost Contacts & Dead Phone Numbers Back to Life

There is nothing worse than making an important phone call, and getting a 'phone number is unknown or dead phone' message. In this modern day life the mobile phone contact is often the only means of keeping in touch, and losing phones contacts can become a major disaster.

Online PR News – 25-February-2013 – London UK – No one stays in the same place much anymore. People move towns, states, countries and tend to lose contact along the way with those they have met. Addresses change, work changes and then to top it all off mobile phones, along with their contact lists get damaged, or worse still get stolen! Often the mobile phone is the only static link to friends, family and other contacts, and without them, many a friendship is lost.

'Renew Contact' have come up with a unique and efficient solution to enable mobile phone users to reestablish contact when a contact list vanishes for one reason or another. It doesn’t matter whether a phone has been damaged, lost or stolen, this service will help to solve the problem. It can even be used to 'Renew Contact' when a phone has been discontinued for a long period, which often happens when people move house or country.

At 'Renew Contact' a phone number can be registered along with a valid email address and the country that the phone number originated from.

The database can be searched by those looking to 'Renew Contact', and if the phone number has been registered, contact can be made without any personal details being reveled to the searcher. A short message along with phone number and email address can then be forwarded. The email message when received, can be answered, or dumped into the waste bin. This ensures security, after all some contacts are better forgotten! No signing up is required as this service is totally FREE.

'Renew Contact' provides a safety net for our high tech lives which most would struggle to survive without!

Launched on the 14th Feb 2013, 'Renew Contact' was started by Roy Cooper from London, after his mobile phone was stolen, along with 5 years of contacts. He realized that many of the contacts were lost forever, and needed a way for those contacts who still had his now defunct mobile number to 'Renew Contact'. And thus the website 'Renew Contact' was conceived. The plan was to keep it simple, and FREE and available for anyone in a similar situation. In it's first week, and as a result of word of mouth and a few tweets, over 8,000 phone numbers were registered in 7 countries and each day the numbers continue to grow.

Cooper reiterates, even those who haven’t lost their phone, or contact lists, are welcome to stop by and register their phone number, just in case disaster strikes. It will also stop someone else registering their phone number in their phones country of origin, as a phone number can only be registered only once in any country. It takes just 10 seconds and is completely unobtrusive. 'Renew Contact' may seem to be a last resort, but by many it is considered as a form of insurance.