Thin May Be In, But The FAR Botanicals Line Of Natural Salon Products Seeks To 'Fatten Up' Hair Care
25 February 2013
Since 2011 FAR Botanicals has been manufacturing professional, premium grade, fatty acid-rich formulas for salons and spas. Inspired by ancestral hair care rituals from cultures in Asia, Africa and South America, carefully selected light and penetrating bioactive plant oils make up the heart of the company’s line of 100% silicone and petrochemical free products. While the burgeoning trend toward natural has led many hair care companies to begin including natural oils and other ingredients in their products, a majority incorporate just enough to be able to make a label claim. In comparison, FAR Botanicals crafts rich, concentrated formulas containing 95% or greater natural, naturally-derived and certified organic ingredients, all designed to sustain and replenish the delicate hydro-lipid layer of your hair and scalp without leaving hair heavy, sticky or greasy. Modern hair hygiene relies heavily on removing oils completely from the hair which exposes hair strands to damage and throws off the natural hydro-lipid (moisture and oil) balance of the hair and scalp. Culturally, the desire to wash the hair “squeaky clean” was established around the early 1900’s at a time when washing hair every two weeks might have been perceived as extravagant. With contemporary shampoos being far more effective and people washing more frequently, modern heads of hair are often completely stripped of vital fats leading to all types of damage, static and flyaway strands. FAR Botanicals strives to correct this product related damage and to prevent it entirely with gentle sulfate-free shampoos, fatty acid-rich moisturizers and styling and setting formulas that don’t merely provide you with a great looking coif, but treat the hair on every level to leave it in a healthier state. Designed to be of maximum benefit to people suffering with dry and damaged hair, stylists and consumers looking for truly natural products that are silicone and mineral oil-free would benefit from giving this new line a close look. Hair care professionals and consumers interested in this quality natural hair care line are encouraged to visit to learn more.